• Yes

    99% of the Chinese music industry from the U.S is pirated and 78% of Chinese software industry from the U.S is pirated. The Chinese are costing the U.S billions of dollars by stealing intellectual property rights via the internet. Therefore, China is in fact a internet menace and they need to be stopped.

  • Yes, China is an internet menace because they abuse the information it can provide.

    China misuses the internet in a variety of ways. They use protected information and spy on other countries to benefit themselves. Innocent internet users are also affect by this country, as they administer trojans and viruses into the system destroying valuables and as stated above, learn private information through unauthorized means.

  • Yes They Are

    China is an internet menace on many different levels. They use the internet to attack on and spy on other countries. They develop hacking software and virus software to cause harm. While they are taking advantage of the internet abroad, they are limiting it for their own citizens. They censor the internet to stifle any opposition of criticism within their own borders.

  • Yes, The Evidence Says Yes

    More and more reports of internet espionage have been confirmed. The Chinese government, as well as very powerful Chinese firms and corporations, have been caught spying through the internet and causing havoc through viruses and trojans. We will need to start taking internet security a lot more seriously than we have been.

  • We do it too...

    Honestly, if you think China is the only one who goes around misusing the internet for cyber wars, terrorism, or just theft, you need to sit down and rethink your argument. They maybe more skilled at these things, because they've recognized long before other countries apparently, that not all wars will be fought with guns and tanks. A country can't sustain without an economy, a power grid, or other essentials connected to the internet. So why we continue to invest in brute force is beyond me, when the 21st century has provided a new war. So yes, they're doing evil things, but how long do you think the United States, the British, the Russians, and everyone else uses it?

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