Is China filled with too many corrupted leaders, environmental issues, and product-safety concerns to continue on their economic miracle?

  • China is a developing nation striving for first world status.

    China has 40 million residents living in caves, more people than many whole countries. There are 400 million people living in the cities creating the economic "miracle" and a billion more peasants who need running water, sewers, regular electricity, full education, affordable health care and social services. China has an upper class equal to the lower class in the West in terms of quality of life. They must multiply their "miracle" by a factor of four to bring up the rest of their population to lower class standards in the West with flush toilets, electricity and opportunity. Add in polluted factories and corruption of the Communist party, and they have a long way to go.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • China has too many fundamental problems with their economy to continue to grow at the same fast pace forever.

    China has had unpublicized problems with their own boondoggles and bad loans. These mistakes are causing their economy to slow down. Their system that is not relying on the rule of law will eventually catch up with them as they try to compete in the world economy. Other countries will not have faith in Chinese economic figures because the government does not allow the same scrutiny in audited financial statements that American companies go through.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • yes

    doubtless,severe corruption has been the biggest enemy against chinese sustainable development.looking back the ancient china when under the feudal governors rule,we can find that the extreme corruption is the drive to the alternation of another world,corruption is a kind of chinese legacy or tradition.not far from us,the USSR is a good example,apart from the political agitation and instigation of the west,whose interior corruption and autocratic governmental system are the root cause of collapse of this superpower.under the communist or socalist govermental structure,the effective supervision get improbable,because they all are "our" men.

  • China has too many problems to continue on their economic miracle.

    I remember years ago, we were supposed to be worried about Japan and how they were going to overtake the United States as the number one economic power in the world. Today people are saying the same thing about China. I think all the problems that China has with pollution and their corrupt leaders will eventually slow down their economic development.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • Yes, I agree that china does have too many issues to continue on their economic miracle because it is not morally right.

    China's corrupt leaders will not effectively build a sense of community for its' citizens. I also feel that their corrupt leaders may be a large reason for all of the immoral things going on. Environmental issues could be controlled by the corrupt leader as could product-safety concerns. China not wishing to change these issues is going to lead people to stop buying from their market. Not just for moral issues but to keep people's safety number one.

    Posted by: tablefortwo
  • Every time I see or read something about China in the news, it's always negative.

    Everyone says that the air isn't clean enough and it's always cloudy there. It's overpopulated and there's a lot of disease. I think China has a lot of issues that need to be addressed by an effective ruler.

    Posted by: ThiefShna
  • Yes, China currently has many issues to solve if they are to continue their "economic miracle". Those issues will soon catch up to them and dispel that miracle.

    China has been known for several years now for their failure to adhere to the accepted standards of human rights, their lack of environmental concern, and their lack of quality control. Their human rights violations help allow poor labor conditions. Their lack of environmental controls help maintain rigorous production schedules. While their lack of quality control has led to increased numbers of recalls. All of these practices help finance the corrupt officials who are overseeing the laws. If China is going to become a force in the new century, there are definitely changes that need to be made.

    Posted by: I3nKai
  • Yes, because too many corrupted leaders, environmental issues and product-safety concerns will eventually take a toll on China's economy as each of these issues has a related cost.

    Leadership corruption results in eventual distrust by those doing business with China. Exposure is inevitable and internal pressure is put onto countries to sanction or boycott those who engage in corrupt practices. Environmental issues such as pollution also have an economic impact on the horizon as workers and general citizenry become ill and require medical attention and treatment. There will be a burden on their health care system. Product-safety concerns tarnish the reputation of the manufacturers, exporters and importers of products that are suspect. Consumers are quite informed and concerned about safety issues. They expect safety as well as quality in their purchases.

    Posted by: gormangorman
  • China's Communist Party members lead the country, and they are corrupt and do not care about safety or the environment.

    China has massive problems, which are related to its leaders and their take on the economic miracle. China has the world's worst air pollution, and it has incredibly polluted lakes and rivers. The leaders will do nearly anything to get a better economy in the short term, and they are trashing the environment. Also, China has very unsafe roads because of rapid industrialization and new drivers driving unsafe vehicles. Hopefully, the future of China will be brighter, once the leaders change or the Chinese change their leaders!

    Posted by: daysofapril
  • Unfortunately for China, their economic growth will soon crash. Self destructive is inevitable for them.

    An economic miracle is sometimes related to the economic growth in China. This is the opinion of many but if you look deeper you will see the self destructive costs involved.
    As demonstrated by the Olympic clean-up air pollution problems are massive; traffic tie-ups are not just minutes or hours long but extend for days and product safety takes a back-seat to safety all while corruption flourishes.
    It does not take much to see that when all these are put into perspective China is on the track for financial implosion. It may take a few years but it is an unavoidable fate waiting to befall the "economical miracle".

    Posted by: tafferoni
  • I do not believe that China's corrupt leaders, environmental issues and product-safety concerns will undermine their economy.

    I do not believe that China's political, environmental and product safety issues will undermine their economy because all of these issues are long-standing and did not deter their rise in the first place. In order for these issues to affect China's economy, consumers would have to make a conscious choice to pay more for products from more ethical producers, and that has thus far proved to be a very unlikely scenario.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • China's economy is difficult for westerners to evaluate, because our own culture is so different.

    I think it would be unwise for a westerner/American to predict what might be on the horizon for the Chinese economy. In my opinion, our cultures are so different, that we do not have the information necessary to evaluate what might or might not affect the economy in China. I believe the work ethic of Asian cultures to be incredible, and one that allows for much growth and achievement.

    Posted by: WiryCory46
  • China's economic growth has not been, is not being, and probably will not be adversely impacted by its internal political, or social issues to the point that it will stop--although it might slow down.

    China is having serious growing pains. Yes, it has some leaders with questionable morals and ethics, and whose agendas we may not like. Yes, it is not doing all that it should to protect the environment, and yes, it has taken deplorable actions against its own citizens when they protest.
    But these same things can be said of many, if not most nations. The information age and subsequent globalization of our world has increased the speed with which countries evolve, science expands, and people want more than they have now. This increasingly fast progression seems to not allow for a slower, more stable "maturing" of countries, peoples, causes, and even scientific research. We want our cloned "Dollies" now, today, before someone else does it.

    We had several centuries to do what China is trying to do in several decades. We have polluted--but we're getting better. We have a horrific record of civil rights abuses--but we've learned and continue to learn from that history of abuse. We continue to have product recalls.

    If China learns from its experiences and "matures" to the point that it wants the approval and acceptance of other nations, then it can indeed continue its economic growth.

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • China is not too corrupt to advance as a nation because it's still developing.

    China is no more corrupt as the United States. However, the government takes a more proactive approach to combating corruption. For example, the man responsible for the tainted baby formula was executed. Now this method is extreme, but still effective. I doubt as much corruption would exist in the United States if government officials in positions of power abused it were executed.

    Posted by: RayEar

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