• Of course its right...

    I agree because I believe in humanity, all humans are equal. I believe what the Israelis are doing by taking the Palestinian lands are very unfair. I think not only China should put a stop to it, but also the world that believes in HUMANITY. Let the world live in peace.

  • I've Been There - Yes.

    I've been to Palestine, and honestly, there are two sides to every story. I know Americans are allied with the Israelis (I've been there too) and so are brainwashed into thinking that Israel = Good and Palestine = Bad, but it's not that clear cut. Both sides have done wrong, both sides have been right, and both sides need to come to a solution before things get worse.

  • Right is subjective

    The word "right", especially in a geopolitical sense, is extremely subjective and will rarely find agreement amongst all humans. China has the right to support whatever they feel like, regardless of the rest of the world's opinion. Further, the Palestinian state needs the support anyways due to the biased view the majority of the world has of them.

  • China has the right to support any cause

    I don't think it's our business to judge what another country does with their assets/reputation. If China wants to support Palestine, they can very much do so because they have the right to. They can vote with they money and don't hesitate to do so, it's the power of the market.

  • Paletine is anti-Israel

    There is no way to support the Palestinian state without rising up against Israel. As a country, Israel has been under persecution long before it was even an official nation. Although Arabic people have many different countries that allow them to live peaceably, the Jewish people only have Israel. By support the Palestinian state, China has shown that it doesn't support Israel.

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