Is China right to claim Scarborough Shoal,Philippines and many other territories according to their"nine dash line"?

Asked by: Imbster
  • I'd like to see the Phillipines try to stop China.

    Squabbles over land are ridiculous. Just give them the land and you'll probably be better off. You do realize that half of your manufactured items probably come from china right? Well sooner or later Chinas going to realize it and cut the connections with you. If it does come to war, good luck. You'll need it. You should just give up the islands. You'll be better off without them and still in good favor with china rather than with them and on the bad side of china.

  • We own it

    The UN has made clear approximations of territory when it comes to the sea and has it made it far for each country. In the recent tribunal China once again does not recognize nor accept the decision. Please you are a giant country with the largest population but you do not need to just make claims. This case has been for 3 years when Philippines filed a case in 2013. Give it up.

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