• China is too supportitive of North Korea,

    China is much too supportive of North Korea. In addition to being a abomination morally, China's support of North Korea really makes little sense strategically. China gifts massive amounts of money and resources to North Korea and get little to nothing in return. Far from being grateful, North Korea is often indignant towards China, causing it international embarrassment. China should do the right thing morally and stategically and finally dump North Korea.

  • Yes, they are

    Its very scary to have these too team up. China is very powerful and North Korea is just not the kind of country you want having nuclear arms. I see this team up possibly being the next issue on the world war stage. We all should be very scared about this matter.

  • Maybe a little

    Someone does need to keep them somewhat happy. That way North Korea does not get more disgruntled than they already are. Plus, China acts as a buffer to them and keeps them from hating us more. China does need to try talking more sense to the country if North Korea ever wants to get back in the good graces of the world.

  • The real reason China even supports N. Korea is because of Taiwan.

    Taiwan seceded from China, and China desperately wants them back, even though they have clearly stated they don't want to be a part of that polluting corporate machine. America agrees with Taiwan, and has shown it's open support of it's freedom. America also is outraged by the actions of the North Koreans to their own people, and we desperately want to intervene, but the Chinese, not wanting a U.S friendly country right next door, are showing their support for them. Really, it's just a very large game of chess, and right now it's kind of at a stalemate. N. Korea should just stop being assholes and feed their people.

  • China is acting in Chinese interests

    There are those who think China gives North Korea too much support. Those people are probably not Chinese, nor do they understand international politics. China is supporting North Korea in order to keep a US friendly country off of their border. This may seem like an antiquated idea, but the US would have more trade options if Korea was unified under the Republic. The Republic of Korea is already a trade partner with the US. Keeping the buffer between US partners and China is in their best interest, and keeping North Korea operational but independent allows China to concentrate on other matters.

  • No, China doesn't support North Korea.

    The Chinese regularly send back North Koreans who try to escape into China. Sure, they are both totalitarian or communist states but that doesn't mean that they support each other any more than they should. I feel that creating another red scare would not be very beneficial and I believe that is why people think this way about Chinese-North Korean affairs.

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