• China is better

    Its way better than USA. They have a surplus of money and don't waste it on 13 aircraft carriers, instead they use it on more useful things. They have better income, education and of course better healthcare. USA's debt is over 60 trillion dollars and have never been close to decreasing it.

  • Americans would like to think they are still the most powerful...

    Just look at North Korea. Anyone there would tell you that they are the most powerful country in the world. This is the false information they are fed from their corrupt leaders and biased media outlets. Granted, US citizens are not AS delusional, but they are misled by the same means and certainly not the most powerful country anymore. Good for those of you proud Americans who choose to ignore the $1.25 trillion you are in debt to China, or the fact that you have around 315 million people to China's 1.3 Billion... You're very strong and brave. Well done. The current 78% of you who seem to believe the US is still #1 must have come to this conclusion as a result of the American education system.

  • China is Bigger

    The Chinese kicked the U.S.'s butt in the Korean War and can do it again. China can also beat Britain. Just look at Hong Kong. Before the handover, China warned Britain that it would take Hong Kong by force if necessary. To avoid a humiliating defeat by the Chinese, the British gave back Hong Kong peacefully. The People's Liberation Army also has the largest army in the world. Despite the American superiority in weapons, we don't have enough manpower. The Chinese would completely overrun us.

  • China IS The Most Powerful Country In The Universe.

    China is the most powerful. They have bigger bridges, bigger malls, wider roads, more people, more cities, more everything than the USA. The U.S. has a bigger military but the U.S. could never win a war against China. NEVER. China has more land, more people, more economic strength. The only reason people believe the U.S. is still more powerful is because they are reading that in U.S. media.

  • China will surpass the US and become the most powerful country in the world.

    Although it is not obvious to some population, but it is quite clear that if USA gives China another 50 years of peace, China will surpasses USA and take over the number one chair in the world. China got the biggest population in the world which leads to the most scary production power in the world. Let me put this into a simpler manner, if every Chinese in the world throws a brick on the Great Britain, England will be buried under a thick layer of bricks. China got a huge market potential. Made in China is now the most common word we may find on every product we use everyday. Although the old EMPIRE is gone but the glory remains, Chinese are very good at technology inventions and investigations. Before 20th century when Europe rules the world, Chinese Empire is by known the strongest empire on earth with military power, economy power easily beating the France, England, Spanish, whatever empire in the north where Russians are, and what the heck is USA at that time. In a more modern time, China and North Korea has defeated USA, which is far more technological superior than the Chinese and Korean army. Even later, China has broke the world's record by having such fast economy growth, in such a stable manner, in such a long time. Can't say whether China is the most powerful country in the world now, but if USA continues to deny China's identity and its growth, one day USA is surely going to perish.

  • Economy, technology, population - China has it all.

    China has a large number of economic resources which are not used yet. High technology, large population... As the most populous nation in the world, China is a powerful country that continues to rise in influence in recent history. Though China's military spending is just a fraction of that of the United States, China is ranked second for its defense. China is also ranked second worldwide for its nominal GDP according to the United Nations.

  • Strategy Is Important

    People seem to have forgotten about the Korean War, whether you like it or not, even with superior technology, training, deployment, morale, experience, fund, air superiority etc. The USA were still unable to defeat China, and were pushed back by Chinese forces (vastly inferior), you might have studied biased sources on the war, however, it would seem that China (and countries such as Vietnam) have a much deeper understanding on strategy and grand strategic warfare than we do. The Pentagon were very surprised when we realised we lack certain understanding in certain areas, and are unable to compete. Arrogance destroys all.

    In modern warfare, politics is very important, as learnt the hard way, as well as the economy. We have funded 2 invasions with credit, funding more is ridiculous. We are far behind in computer technology, and data are leaked continuously through the Pentagon, like it or not, on the battlefield, communication through computer and networks is the most vital, if not the glue that holds the entire operation together.

    Back in the 20th century, Europe was the main power, we adopted the policy of isolation, grew the economy and became the major power. Now, we repeat the same mistake, funding 2 invasions on credit (Europeans fought two major wars, heavily indebted afterwards, and we gave out loans, like China are giving out loans today) while China focuses on trade (as we did). Didn't even get the trade access to oil, the entire operation failed, as always (such as the CIA failed in Cuba, such as the CIA are unable to sort their petty rivalry with the NSA, and the NSA failed to prevent data leaks).

    Education and the cultural view is very important, however, I do not see us doing well in PISA reports, Shanghai seems to be superior (even in contrast to Massachusetts).

    Finally, they have state-controlled banks, our major banks are private businesses, we are in heavy debt, we have no control over banks, and they do whatever they pleases, Kennedy failed to implement the government dollar bill, nor will we try again. Without control over banks, war, especially against such a economically powerful country who have full control over their major banks, will result in further debt, this will destroy us.

    Overall, they are more powerful, military prowess is not the only factor. The Pentagon is attempting to research stealth gunships to obtain superior observation of the battlefield, it doesn't take a CIA agent to tell you that these information and design will be leaked to China, again.

  • China is the Strongest Country in The World

    Yes China has moved ahead of the USA as the strongest country in the world. Obama and his Syria blunder has moved us down the ladder. According to a global poll more nations viewed China more favorably than the USA, 68% to 32%. China is already the #1 importer and exporter of the world and in 2011 was the #1 global trader in the world. And in the military arena they are closing the gap on the USA at warp speed.

  • Some day this world will be under Chinese rule.

    If the Chinese continue to overpopulate their own country, they'll soon overpopulate whole Asia and later the rest of the world. Yeah, it may sound far fetched but if you take a look at places in Africa you'll see that there are coming more and more of Chinese bussiness men starting to shape things up and contributing in the country. Of course this is a very slow process but give it another 100 years and Africa will be a second home for Chinese people. Give it up Americans you guys fell of the top along time ago, the Chinese are here to stay.

  • Big population should also be taken into consideration

    Yeah, I have to commit that US has more GDP and military power, however, every chinese family has money stashed in the bank which can offset the numerical difference on GDP. Besides that, even China's military power is second to USA in the world, there is no enemies dare invade China territory because China has the most land force in the world (believe me, it is better than US, when consider the big base of land military). Therefore even China has relatively lower GDP per capita, which drag down the welfare and medicine care or other aspects like education, environment, its total power built by the huge population couldn't be ignored at the first place. But I don't think China's prosperity is a bad thing. 1st: China is a modest country which is not interested in conquest. It seems there is no threat from China forever. 2nd: a super power rising from east can fiercely compete with US, which is another superpower in the world. Balancing the world power from east to the west. To sum up, it is difficult for audience to choose who is the most powerful country in the world right now because there are a multitude of elements should be meticulously considered. But for me, I prefer more to see another superpower rising into our screen. That is the reason I stand on the 27% mini group.

  • USA is awesome

    USA spends way too much on their military. Which is why we would crush Japan in a war. We have a better trained military and better technology. We would pull off a war. China doesn't have good technology. America can not be beaten by any other country in the world when it comes to a total war.

  • Military technological superiority.

    The United States of America have the most advanced military (Navy, Air Force) and their troops have excellent training and they feed their troops better. They also have many POWERFUL Allies that they control like UK, FRANCE, SPAIN, mostly all of Europe and Africa. Simply because China has more population doesn't mean that they are more powerful, The US would crush the Chinese and any other nation.

  • Complete military dominance

    Regardless of economics we are the world police and as much as the other powers wouldn't like to admit they stand no chance against America's military prowess. We have -4 active air raft carriers and the battleships that are retired and docked are still better than most countries. Moral of the story we could mess up the world. Hooah marine corps.

  • Industrialization is a brutal teacher.

    The Chinese have surprised the world with their economic boom after adopting more liberal fiscal and social policies. Nowadays you can't go through your day without using something made in China. The computer upon which I type this is a Chinese product. There is a downside to all this, China has not been able to maintain its substantial growth. This, combined with the nonchalant pollution, is setting China up for a sharp recession.

  • Obviously they aren't

    Though China has recently come upon economic and some military power, this simply wouldn't rank them more powerful. I will admit that I am American, which might make me a bit biased, but a country that got their asses handed to them in WWII by Japan and who's recent wealth is dependent completely on the US economy is in no position to claim the position of power. Furthermore, their weapons technology, defense budget, and lack of powerful allies leaves them looking weak. And lastly, their population isn't as stable as one might think. I doubt many of them appreciate socialism.

  • People & Government

    China has an oppressive Communist styled government that keeps the higher echelon of society well fed, protected, clothed, and educated. Time and time again throughout China's history its been shown that its not another country that will destroy China, but its own working class citizens that have been mistreated one to many times and revolt. The Great Wall did a good job at keeping the hostile barbarians out, but it also stressed and irritated the working class that built it, which was 80% of the population, causing them to overthrow the ruling dynasty... Communist China is just another dynasty.

    While some will argue that the US Government is no better, the US is at least able to keep the public distracted with things like media and technology, and take citizens minds off the idea of revolting against the government. US citizens are also free to go most anywhere they please and have the money to buy what they wish, due to our capitalist styled economy we have the ability to always progress forward. (even when the US economy is in the pit, only way left to go is back up)

  • Global power index

    The us is ranked as number 1 according to the global power index. The us navy is the same size as the rest of the worlds combined. Numbers are not everything, in WW2 the Chinese had many more people than Japan and yet there were thrashed. The Japanese were better trained and better equipped.

  • They Are Not The Most Powerful

    Every year several publications make a list of the most powerful countries in the world. In most of the 2012 versions of these rankings the United states ranked as number one. China was not far behind in most polls ranking either second or third on the lists, but they were not number one.

  • There are not #1

    US is the #1 most powerful countries in the world. China is powerful, but isn't #1. They do have the 2nd biggest economy, not bigger than US which is 1st. China is the 3rd most powerful militarily in the world, but US is still 1st, Russia is 2nd. China does at least have more people though, but overall US has a bigger army, bigger navy, more nuclear weapons, overall U.S. Is the most powerful country in the world, but China is at least one of the most powerful country in the world like maybe the top 5 but overall the most powerful country in the world, IS is better.

  • The USA. An honest non biased opinion

    In reality none of us know what we are talking about and most of these statements are biased and from what I see pretty envious of the USA. I am not from the USA but its pretty obvious that the USA is the most powerful and influential country in the world..... But who cares?

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