• Communist china is communist.

    We saved them from Japan in WW 2. In thanks, We fought them in Korea and Vietnam. We made china what they are today (economically ). In turn They caused 1 of our spy planes to crash years ago. China ignores sanctions against iran and supplies them with arms used against our U S military and our allies. They steal our technology, Ignore copy rights. They also intensionaly drive American businesses bankrupt with government subsidies, So they may eliminate compition. They spy on our government and our allies. They are also an enemy of humanity. Their government has been classified as a criminal nation. Etc. Etc etc. Lastly they caused and hid and lied and harmed the entire world with cHINESE COMMUNIST VIRUS ALSO KNOW AS WUHAN FLU.

  • China is definitely the number one enemy of America

    China is playing a long game until it gets more powerful then it will start to invade more and more countries as it did in Tibet and East Turkestan (Uyghuristan). They are already preparing to invade country of Taiwan and they built artificial islands in South China Sea which belongs to the Philippines. They do not care about international law or any other moral rules. They don't have any morals and they are fascist. They always criticize others for being racist or murderer etc. But real racists and murderers are themselves. They claim that their Communist party saved the country from imperialists while it was the communists who stopped fighting. Against the enemy. Chinese always play the victim whenever Chinese kill, Occupy or take people's right from their hands. They believe that they have a divine right to do whatever they want but if somebody criticizes them they immediately attack that person, Example of this can be seen in Australia which China is slowly invading, Taking over all cultural institutions and nobody can protests against China because Chinese who live in Australia is attacking, Threatening them. Chinese people shouldn't be given citizenship in Western countries, They are a big threat to our country's future because they all spy for Beijing.

  • CCP is a terrorist organization

    No question about Red China is America's biggest enemy. Not only that, It is mankind's biggest enemy.

    Red China is not China, It is infinitely worse after being infected by communism, Which at heart is terrorism. This point is clearly stated in Leon Trotsky 'masterpiece', Titled Terrorism and Communism. Marx himself also wrote that in one of his articles, Saying terror forces are the shortest path to communists' goals. 1984 is mickey mouse in the eyes of CCP, And the 1. 4+ billions of Red 'Chinese'.

    Is it odd that most HongKongers want to stay as far away from china mainlanders as possible? No, Not one bit.

  • Yes, Because it can do it with cultural invasion and brainwashing, Which is a lot scarier than weapons and military.

    I'm going to talk about this from a cultural perspective, Instead of "communism". China built the longest system of autocracy which lasted for over 2, 000 years and it is still working. In addition, It has a full scale brainwashing system and it's the master of corruption. Most westerners might be aware of communism, But they are totally unaware of the fact that communism is just a disguise the Chinese use to cover up what's within -- the 2, 000-year-old corrupt tyranny. But this alone doesn't threaten the US. The Chinese money used to corrupt our politicians and the 5 million fifth column living in the US, Comprised of the majority of the first-generation Chinese immigrants and some of their second generation descendants who are armed with Chinese nationalism and Chinese culture will corrupt the US from the inside. That's where the threat really comes from. Wonder why the Chinese were the only people who were BARRED from entering the US? Because they corrupt our society like no others did. Historical recording showed that the Chinese had little interest in rights and freedom, As well as morality. They cared about their short-term gains more than anything else. They were easily bribed and sold their voting rights to others for money. They resisted the law and order in the US and replicated the same corrupt Chinese society in the US. And all of this happened BEFORE communism even existed.

    Lastly, I'd like to quote Mike Pence, Which he said the clash between China and the US is not about communism or not, But the clash of TWO CIVILIZATIONS. And clearly democracy, Freedom and morality cannot co-exist with dictatorship, Tyranny and corruption.

  • Yes, And BY FAR the BIGGEST ENEMY.

    As a person who was born and raised in China and lived there until late teens before immigrating to the US, I doubt if there could be anyone who could give a more credible opinion on this than me. As a person who understands Chinese as my first language and have lived with the Chinese people until early adulthood, I will summarize the whole situation below in a way that's easy for Americans who have no knowledge of the Chinese to understand.

    1. China is BY FAR our biggest enemy. Much worse than Russia and North Korea combined. Due to it's successful CULTURAL SUBVERSION and ECONOMIC INVASION.

    2. The Chinese people and their culture is the REASON why China is ruled by a RUTHLESS AUTOCRATIC REGIME, Rather than the result of which.

    3. The ENTIRE Chinese history is an endless REPEATING CYCLE of OLD TYRANNY getting replaced by a NEW TYRANNY. And MILLIONS of people die during these cycles.

    4. Honesty, Honoring one's promises, And playing by the rules are seen as STUPIDITY rather than a virtue in Chinese culture.

    5. Equality never existed in Chinese culture. It's either I enslave you or you enslave me. This extends throughout the entire Chinese society, From politics to workplace and to family.

    6. The Chinese FIFTH COLUMN is LARGER THAN ANY OTHER ones. While there are a few Russian immigrants in the US, And the majority of them are not fans of Putin nor his aggressive policies, Which means they are hardly capable to inflict any damage to the western societies. In contrast, The Chinese immigrants are BY FAR one of the largest immigrant groups in the western world, And the VAST MAJORITY of them are RADICAL NATIONALISTS who are loyal to the concept of "CHINA" and believe the superiority of the Chinese race as the "descendants of the mighty dragon". They have a genuine hatred toward Japan and the United States, And eagerly hoping to see a "mighty China" who gets to dominate Asia, If not the world.

    7. Most Chinese people have no interest in freedom and democracy. These concepts are despised because "democracy can't feed you food and give you clothes". Instead, They search for a "godly emperor" who will lead the Chinese Empire to its greatness. This explains why China never had democracy of ANY kind because people look for a "good" dictator.

    8. Most Chinese people will only protest and complain IN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY. But when they are ruled by a tyrant, They don't fight back, But instead they KNEEL and KOWTOW to beg for mercy from their master.

    I could go on and on, But long story short, China is BY FAR our BIGGEST enemy due to its economic power, Its military power, And more importantly, Its strong FIFTH COLUMN, And its CULTURAL SUBVERSION, Which most westerners HAVE NO IDEA OF. While Russia only has one, Which is military power.

  • Entitlement state terrorism. . .

    China has always felt itself, It's people as the top rung on the species ladder - always. They see themselves as the entitled rulers of the entire world and they will and are doing everything to bring that about. China takes a much longer view of their game plan. China is the enemy.

  • China is not an ally or friend

    China has engaged in subversive tactics with the US and the West for many years. They have committed massive amounts of economic/industrial espionage in the US, Intellectual property theft, And have been exposed spying on US political affairs (Dianne Feinstein in California as an example). China undermines American society through infiltration of industries, Markets, And academic institutions (the Confucius Institute). It has also become an economic and military powerhouse quickly, Which is being built to directly counter the US military.

  • Mixed person, Grew up in Asian American Communities.

    Grew up in Asian American communities around Florida. Each group sticks to their own tribe, And the order is their subtribe first -> all asians -> America is only to be used and stepped on. I was always reminded that me being white is why I would never truly belong, Yet was always who to go to to be the public speaker or public face to represent and say what they want me to which is not honest.

  • China a threat

    China is a threat to the US for many reasons, one being they have stolen US intelligence from our government, copied our tech off of stolen vehicles and documents. Not only economically, but militarily. China has been building military islands in the South China sea, violating the sovereignty of near by nations and attempting to threaten them into submission. They have threatened the Nation of Taiwan with invasions and the country has acted as such. They also have been sending spies to steal from us on our home turf, millions of spies from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) are sent to collect and inform their home. Not only that but Chinese Americans are watched by the CCP with apps and back doors in tech companies. And on the terms of economic values, though hard we can move our companies to more profitable regions with cheaper labor, like Africa or India. In my personal opinion, not factual it seems these conditions may cause another red scare, and may lead to another arms race which may cause another Cold War.

  • Cyberwar has been dominated by China

    While they are one of our largest trading partners economically, they are by far and away the largest threat in the cyber community. No other country has the resources coupled with state-sponsored cyber teams that China has, and they have been invading US intelligence, administrative, and private data sources since the 1980s. In point of fact, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and even North Korea are minor blips on the radar of US security, but get a lot of press since 9/11. While it is really exciting and makes great news stories to say we are "at war with terror", it is dramatically overblown. We have killed more of our own people going to war and in domestic gun violence than died in the attacks of 9/11 since that time. Losing control of our data over decades isn't exciting, doesnt make sexy headlines, but it is far more damaging to the US as a nation.

  • It is Trump

    Demands loyalty to himself, Rather than the Constitution
    Attacks the press, Which serves as a counterbalance to government power
    Only cares about the rich, As evidenced by his “tax cuts”
    Potentially treasonous, If it turns out he did collude with the Russians to get elected
    Has no impulse control
    Has the attention span of a puppy on crack
    Undermines our intelligence and law enforcement agencies
    Denigrates Gold Star families and veterans who have honorably served
    Lacks any integrity, As evidenced by his cheating of contracted businesses

  • China is not an enemy but USA is making China an enemy

    1. Jobs, trades are given to China by US government and companies, not stolen by China.
    2. China invested in the US heavily, buying USA's debt. It's not what an enemy does.
    3. China is sending its sons and daughters to the USA to study
    4. If US is willing, it has the power to make China the best friend of the USA

  • The USA Needs China's Support in Times of Crises.

    China has never been an enemy and will not be. The Us needs China's support for its economy, political agenda, and foreign policies in order to maintain the world super power in times of crises. It will be stupid for the US not to make a friend with China. China is a powerful rival, not an enemy of the USA.

  • No, Al-Qaeda is the number one enemy of America.

    Although China will certainly be a formidable rival of America in the 21st century, America's number one enemy is Al-Qaeda, the stateless network of terrorists behind the 9/11 attack. 9/11 fundamentally reshaped America's foreign relations and domestic politics, particularly when it comes to attitudes about civil liberties. China has never had such a devastating effect on the U.S.

  • No they are not an enemy.

    China is actually an ally and a great trade partnet, and a country who, for the most part, works well with the United States. So no, they are not an enemy of America. They are a competitor for global economic domination, and are starting to advance in science, but they are not the enemy.

  • Iran is much worse.

    No, China is not the number one enemy of America, because we do too much commerce with China for them to want to do anything to us. We also have many worse enemies. Palestine wants to obliterate Israel and the United States along with it. Iran would have nuked us by now if they thought they could get away with it. China is the least of our problems.

  • North Korea Is

    I do not believe China is the number one enemy of America. I believe we have other enemies that are less consistent and more difficult to get a reading on. I would say North Korea is our biggest enemy and one we're still technically at war with. Beyond that, China ranks fairly high, but we tend to see the threat as more manageable.

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