• Yes, China is the world's next superpower.

    Yes, I believe that China is the world's next superpower. In fact, I think that China should be granted the "superpower" label immediately, because they already are one. When you look at their absolutely booming economy, massive workforce, and advances in politics and their foreign policy, there is no question that China has already achieved superpower status. Some people still argue that while their economy is doing great, their politics are still not up to par with the world's current superpowers but they forget the fact that a country's politics does not alone dictate their status in the world.

  • It sure looks that way

    China has an enormous population, many resources, rapidly growing economy, large military, and an independent foreign policy with clear goals. It has not yet risen to superpower status, but it is already one of the most significant powers in Asia. It seems inevitable that China will grow to become a superpower over the course of the 21st century.

  • China is the new world's super power

    China is richer in economy than America, China can buy 10x or more amount of items than Americans can and also China has over 1.3 billion of people living there, that most of them can be used/trained into Military purposes and also can be trained to be a Military Scientist that deals with Nuclear Powers and etc . China will be the World's Next SUPER POWER!

  • Financially and militarily getting stronger

    China making its move towards Asia to control its economics and targeting strategic places for military bases. Items made in China with very low prices can be found everywhere and increasing all sorts of items every year. Given more time, their products' qualities will improve to a level that is accepted by everyone.

  • Act of Revolution

    China has grown immensely without reliability to other nations...They make their products and rely own their own technology inventions...Their political situation is well governed, their security well polished...They have a common mind in development and participate endlessly...Their ability in engineering makes them capable of making new equipment by means of technology...

  • Developing technology, military, economics

    The US will face more crisis and it gets worse and worse in terms of economics. The US has many debts, while China has the biggest resource. China has sent astronauts to the moon as well, develop the fastest computer. China is also buying European's debt. More people from south east asia send their children to study in China.
    When it comes to media, the western media wants to brainwashed us by saying that China is not going to be the next world superpower, but in fact it already is. In the near future, China will develop stronger media that has power to brainwash all people. However, no matter what there will be always a criticism against it.

  • It already is.

    China is already a major super power in the world today, it has a huge economy, they are possibly the biggest centre of production in the world. They have such a large population that if they wished to also be the biggest military super power they could, they already have the biggest military in the world at the moment. China already is a super power.

  • Yes, but it will be shortlived.

    China is known for accepting isolationism as it's policies. Yet as we now see, it is progressively moving on to accept westernian beliefs. This I believe will entice a possible revolution in China. Right now there had been alot of rebellions, and strikes happening in China and most of these had been censored by it's media. Even China's top universities are making a strike against it's government (hook it up on google). So in the future (near or far) China will have internal problems that needed to be suppressed. What is also the limiting factor to it's lifespan as a superpower is it's population and geopolitics (google is your friend, just search the keywords "China's Geopolitics", and figure it out for yourself).

    There are 3 nations who can live and grow indefinitely as a superpower (most scholars say so) and they are: United States, India, and Brazil. And the top of these picks is the US (FYI, I'm not an American, I'm Asian). It is because of it's Geopolitics, Technology, Allied Countries (Mostly Asian Countries) and it's competitive advantage of recovery (notice how fast America recovers).

  • China already is the next super power

    China has the funds, people, and determination to be the next super power. With a population of well over a billion, they already out-man any nation in the world. When you add the strength of their economy, I think they may be the only super power left. If the US could get their act together, they might be able to compete. But, as of right now, it’s no contest.

  • Growing economy, military, science

    I believe it is very possible. They have a huge population full of workers and are rapidly overtaking the US on science. They are already the second largest economy in the world behind the US and continue to expand every day. The country's military is also making huge developments at an alarming rate.

  • China sucks obviously

    After China's epic fails in their military, India can easily surpass China in just a few more years. China can barely see through their tiny eyes and wont even be able to know where they launched their own rockets. It may even land in North Korea! China sucks, India is WAY better!

  • The USA will never let this happen

    The day USA realize that China has become a threat to USA will be the day when USA , Vietnam, Japan And India will attack China .....Since these Nations see China as threat...........And so china cannot become a superpower alone ..It has to take help of Nations like India ........Thats it

  • Just No. Nope.

    For one China does not have that many allies, even if the USA falls, then China will too because they basically rely totally on USA for its' economy. China also has too much corruption and too many people are leaving China. Therefore, China will not be a superpower, now or in the future.

  • I don't think so.

    China is economically a super power but what about militarily? Financially China can be recognized as a key player, but in order to be recognized as a full on super power China has a long way to go. Due to current stipulations and regulations put under UN Law it is impossible for China to reach that extent without risking a global scale war, in which either the East or West or both would be crushed, in which case there would be no superpower. China next superpower? I don't think so.

  • China Is 175.6% Dependent on the U.S.

    The Chinese economy increased its dependence on the United States last year according to recently released trade figures from Beijing and Washington.
    China’s overall trade surplus in 2011 was $155.1 billion, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
    And how much of that surplus is related to America? Commerce Department figures show that, through the first 11 months of last year, China’s trade surplus against the United States was $272.3 billion. That’s up from $252.4 billion for the same period in 2010, a 7.9% increase.
    The Commerce Department has not released the December trade number yet, and some are predicting that China’s surplus against us will top $300 billion when all the figures are in. Yet let’s assume, merely to be conservative, that China’s December surplus is zero. If December’s surplus is zero, then 175.6% of China’s overall trade surplus last year related to sales to the United States. That’s up from full-year figures for the three preceding years: 149.2% for 2010, 115.7% for 2009, and 90.1% for 2008.
    Notice a trend? The Chinese economy is becoming even more hooked on selling things to the United States. Why the big jump last year? Because orders from the 27-nation European Union for Chinese goods collapsed. And if Europe falls apart this year—increasingly likely—China will become even more reliant on the American consumer.
    President Obama, in his State of the Union message on Tuesday, is expected to announce the creation of a China trade task force that will combine officials from the Treasury, Commerce, and Energy Departments as well as the U.S. Trade Representative’s office.
    Is the concept a good one? Ted Alden of the Council on Foreign Relations praised the idea in the January 12 Nelson Report when he said “this should be seen as an opportunity for creative thinking about trade enforcement.”
    Perhaps it is, but we don’t need to get fancy on this issue. All we need is for President Obama to tell the Chinese that they need us more than we need them. And all he has to say is “175.6%.” The clever officials in Beijing will not need interpreters to figure out what that means.

  • Its environment is terrible.

    The amount of people living in huts in China is more than 50% of its population which is devastating to its living standards. More than half of the Chinese population still live in villages, most without access to safe drinking water, basic health-care, or decent education. The amount of people moving into cities every year is only 1% which means it will take a few more decades for them to all move out. Furthermore the pollution level in China is way above average because of its coal energy facilities.

  • None me say

    China can not and will not be world superpower due to lots of reasons, some of which, are geopolitical spheres, hegemony in eastern Asia, honesty with others government, capabilities of naval oversea to defend her economic prosperity and interest around the globe and finally due to the kind of government system "autocratic" where in the government control private entity.

  • Never a country without good culture has been a superpower in past, nor become in future too...

    China, a country which is actually dependent on world, cant rule the world. What technology is in China?? They are actually copying technology from Russia, America, Japan, Korea and what they show the world is that they have good R & D system. Economically, they are worst, and they are functioning only because of the giant investors from American, Russian etc. Based companies have shifted their production units to China because of cheap labor and production cost . Just give it a thought that will any country which is superpower, and utilizing resources of china will ever allow the production to continue there, when there may be a threat of being dethroned. Although China boasts of its super economical development, but actually they are eating on these production units from foreign investors. Withdrawal by these companies is just a matter of second. This will tremble down the China in a moment.

    Present scenario also revels that none of the nation are ready to tie up with china due to their "Dual talks". Only those nations are in close contact with china, which are weak (economically, militarilly, socially, politically, technologically) and cant survive without help of a dragon nation. This Dragon, as the name suggests, no one likes it, and it had never ruled anywhere. The king has always been a Lion.

    Socially and Culturally if you see, can any compare it to UK, USA or Russians. They cant even think of it with such a big population. A good culture is inside the citizen, and no doubt, IT CANNOT BE FORCED UPON ON ANYONE. What will a country do, if they cannot solve their internal riots in a peaceful manner. This shows that a Country with hollow structure can only Bark around and will collapse in reality when situation arises.

    Also, what a superpower has done from past till date in the world history ? It is very well know to all that a superpower has always been in a lookout for maintaining peace in the world. China is a nation which cannot give peace to world, and instead create tensions, war situation, illegally occupying other country lands, Intruding into border ares, Spying for their beneficial purpose.

    Recent cyber attach on Americal Government sites is a good example, that China cannot face anyone and can only work like thieves. Thieves CANNOT rule the world. They can jump high momentarily, and collapse soon. All the above citations prove that they will collapse very soon if they continue this way.

  • China will not be close to becoming the new superpower!

    China has a booming economy, yes! Although its there because of the massive workforce that currently exists, because of china 1 child law, the workforce is declining, and soon everyone will start ageing. Then the booming economy wont be so massive. They have already hit their peak, china will not be greater than the U.S. The "Made In China" label that you see at your local store, is weird. Its deceiving, making us think china makes everything. The United States makes all the big cool stuff, like turbines, engines, etc! China produces all the little items such as your clothes, or your cell phone!

  • China is too attached to America.

    China's leading contributor to it's GDP is investment sector amounting to 47.2% and another 3% is made up of net exports where America is the lead buyer of US goods. US firms also accounts for most of the investment sector in China. All of this is to say that if for some reason, be it economic collapse or terrorism, America falls China is most likely not going to be the lead benefactor. Instead the EU has the second largest GDP in the world and doesn't have a trade relationship with the US, a much more viable option.

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