• Yes, Chinese education system is good.

    Chinese education system focus more on basic education, students learn a lot of knowledge in Elementary School, Middle school and High School, the things they learn is stable, because they go over the new lessons again and again when doing the large amount of homework, most of the knowledge they learned is imprinted in their heads, they are always well prepared for tests.

  • Yes, China's education system is better than good, it is premium!

    China prepares it's children from infancy to be business-minded, in schools they are taught to survive and be productive and progressive people in life with knowledge which prepares them.

    The children wear matching outfits in the school system, order is the natural way for China. Mathematics is taught at an early age.

  • China's education system is good.

    China has a well developed education system that focuses on memorizing the basics. This is a good preparation for later life, and it shows why Chinese students often outperform their western counterparts on standardized tests. China has a long tradition of testing and preparing students for civil service exams and other tests.

  • It does not teaches you how to think!

    The method of Chinese education is: stuff you full with knowledge, without you actually know how it works. Lots of Chinese students have become human calculators and encyclopaedias, and they cannot make their own decisions about topics and problems. Also, it is a fact that Chinese children don't have happy childhoods.

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