• Yes, I believe it is.

    For now, China's economy is sustainable. They are seeking larger markets in Africa and the Middle East. They have a large market in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, and South Asia. In addition, they have markets in North America, and some in Australia. They are currently not holding a lot of debt and have a big trade surplus. As long as Chinese firms keep up with diversifying their markets, they shouldn't have a problem. The only thing that can hurt them in the long run is corruption.

  • No. They are nothing but a cheap labor force as well as cheap products with correspondingly low quality.

    China definitely will not experience a sustainable growth because of two primary reasons.
    First of all, China is lack of business morality. Their products usually contain a vast amount of detrimental chemical substances, which can lead to cancer. This is possibly resulted from the low cost of production process, which can be considered as a key competitive strategy of China.
    It is indisputable that low cost products are always the top choice of most people because of their low income, however, the harmful outcomes which concord with the low cost will create a bad precedent or negative brand awareness among customers. This ultimately lead to the failure of China Growth

  • No, it isn't

    The country is rapidly becoming uninhabitable, the health conditions are horrendous and getting worse, the population is out of control, so on and so forth. The country is going to implode on itself, as much as they're leading in the short term right now their long term future looks really bad if they don't clean up their act as soon as possible.

  • Their model depends too much on the US.

    The only reason that China has been able to maintain its economic growth is because the United States is there to buy the cheap products produced in that country. If our economy collapses, there won't be any buyers left, and they will be stuck high and dry. It would not be good for them.

  • No major population center has a stable growth model.

    China, like any other sizable nation in the world today, has exponential growth projections. With dwindling natural resources and the inefficiency and cost prohibition of alternative power sources, the population will soon outstrip any given area's ability to sustain them. Further development comes at the cost of natural areas and thus, the need to import greater quantities.

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sadashivan says2013-05-22T15:32:36.220
They are world factory and soon realize converting to capitalism with socialism flavour