• How much money does China have?

    I read something disturbing in that China has 30% of all of the U.S. income? If this is the case, we as U.S. citizens are going to be affected by whatever China does financially in the future. We import everything from that country and there market is rising. Therefore, others will crash.

  • Yes, China's huge rise in stocks is going to affect the US negatively.

    News in the financial world has been dominated by that coming from China in the last week or so. In our hyper-globalized world, the moves of one market necessarily effects the rest of the world's markets, and so it is understandable why the whole world would have their eye on China at this time. Unfortunately, economic prosperity here in the US may in part live or die by the fate of the Chinese economy, and for this reason we can only hope that their market does not crash any time soon.

  • China's rising stock hit U.S.

    The rising China stocks will certainly have an impact on the United States. Much of the United States economy relies on economies of other countries. We have reached a stage in the world were the global economy is so inter connected that changes in one area always seem to have an impact on other parts of the globe. We would be foolish to believe that we would be isolated from economic changes in other countries.

  • Yes, the rise in China stocks will affect the United States.

    Yes, there will be a significant impact of rising Chinese stocks on the United States. This is primarily due to the dependencies between the world economies. China is the largest economy next to the United States and they maintain a large export and import relationship. This also translates to the stocks traded on the China exchanges. There is likely a direct correlation between the rise in China stocks and that of U.S. stocks.

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