Is China's lack of regulation a security threat for the U.S.?

  • Yes, China's lack of regulation is a large security threat to the United States.

    China's lack of regulation within its government and working facilities poses a strong security threat towards the united states. The lack of safety regulation in the country's exports, for example, can lead to dangerous and hazardous products such as the lead paint scare we have experienced not too long ago. China needs to better regulate their facilities and products, as well as creating a bases of human rights and equality for their workers.

  • China's lack of regulation could pose a problem.

    Especially when it comes to the many exports we obtain through China. China's lack of safety regulation of their products can pose a significant security threat towards the U.S. There have been cases of lead poisoning among children's toys as well as food products that contain salmonella. China's lack of basic human needs are also a concern which jeopardizes the safety of the workers and the product produced.

  • In the long term, yes.

    The lack of regulation in any country can be a direct threat to any other country. Refusing to take responsibility for how you are treating the environment is never a good thing so yes, I believe that China's lack of regulation will ultimately affect the United States of America in a negative way.

  • In a sense.

    It's not a security threat militarily, but it is a threat to the Chinese and the people of the world. As long as China pollutes the environment, everybody of the world will suffer. Of course the same goes for us and everybody else as well, but China is a big offender.

  • China’s Lack of Regulation is a Profound Threat to the United States

    Although it may not gain the public attention like the thought of an imminent military threat, China’s lack of regulation is a direct threat to millions of Americans. China has a long history of failing to address health concerns through regulation, and these government failures ooze into other parts of the world in many ways. As one example, China’s failure to clean up industry globally affects the atmosphere (including the air American’s breath), the foods we eat, and even the toys our children may play with. Soil and water contamination are at amazingly high levels – do in no small part to a horrific record with regulations, and these filter their way into the food exported by China. The levels of contamination are not only restricted to food, but are present in eating utensils, items of personal hygiene and drugs citizens of the United States receive that are made in China. China’s haphazard record for public safety, and environmental regulation does most certainly affect the United States, and in a hazardous manner.

  • We do not know enough about China to assume that they are threat.

    I don't think that we know enough about what is going on in China to advance the argument that their lack of regulation is a direct threat to the national security of the United States of America. We simply do not have enough facts to know about such a thing to make a judgement.

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