• Yes, but should be expanded to other countries

    All overpopulated, over-polluted, drastically poor, and often un- or under-educated nations should adopt some form of population control. And even though the US is not overpopulated, there should be limits to the number of children born to those who CANNOT afford them. Women/men who are on Welfare or cannot afford to provide basic care for the children they already have should not be permitted to continue having children. Period. No exceptions. Otherwise, in time, we will have an issue with overpopulation, just like those Third World countries out there who cry about their starving children, yet continue to pop them babies out like candy from a Pez dispenser. It all boils down to responsibility: to yourself, to your family, to future generations, to this Earth. You must possess a very selfish and entitled nature to think that YOUR need to breed like a rabbit outweighs the needs of everyone else on this Earth. We have destroyed forests, decimated the flora and fauna, and now are in the process of breeding ourselves into extinction. It couldn't happen to a nicer species.

  • Yes, China's One Child Policy is beneficial to this growing world.

    Yes, China's One Child Policy is beneficial to this growing world. China's one child policy has help to reduce poverty, alleviate environmental stress and it has improved the economy. The Chinese one child policy reduces China's population growth and helps to keep agriculture output down which in turn lowers pollution.

  • America should be right behind them

    The world has a growing problem. We can not sustain many more people with the resources we currently have to go around. The birth rate will have to fall. The main reason for having a big family in ages past, was the high rate of mortality at young ages. We don't generally have to worry about children dying young anymore, and it's time to stop over breeding. I think the US should stop all welfare type practices that rewards anything more than 2 children.

  • Yes, China has to do something.

    Yes, China's One Child Policy is beneficial to this growing world, because in a socialist system, they cannot afford to support that many people. China's policy was a necessary evil, because they could not continue to provide benefits for that many people. Even though it is not the best for couples, it is helpful in making sure China is stable.

  • Overpopulation is a Threat to Society

    If the number of people in the world increases as it has been since the industrial revolution, estimates are that by 2025, the population will be at 11 billion. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social affairs believes the population growth to be around 74 million per year. That number is expected to become exponentially higher. As our population soars, we will begin to run out of resources such as food and clean water. We have created a problem that, left alone, will send our race spiraling out of control. My belief is that China's one child policy will help to keep the worst from happening. Some instigators of this policy might stand behind some arguments such as the fact that many Chinese baby girls are abandoned or aborted because the family wants a son as their one child. I can see why this is harmful, and I care deeply about that. But the fact of the matter is that, to solve a global problem such as overpopulation, we need to find a global solution. The instigators of this policy aren't thinking big enough. Their arguments are based off of what someone could do or might do. My point is based off of a threat that is entirely real, and is happening. If we want to solve this global issue, we need to think big. That's why China's One Child Policy gets my vote. I just hope that it encourages others as well.

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  • No, it is hurting the people.

    There may need to be some population control but that needs to be done voluntarily with incentives. Someone who feels the need for another child can not be told it is impossible. And what is happening often is that the boys are being saved and this is causing an overabundance of men who can not find mates.

  • The one child policy is not beneficial

    Although China has a massive population, the One Child policy is not beneficial. There are some studies indicating that it did not actually reduce population growth, and that China's economy and GDP would have continued to grow regardless of the policy. Nobody really knows exactly what would have happened if there was no policy, but it's possible that a "wait til later to have children" policy could have been less harsh and just as if not more effective.

  • China's One Child Policy is not beneficial to this growing world.

    China's one child policy does not work and it is not always enforced. There are many loopholes to the law that let rich people pay a fine for having more kids. Furthermore, many people in rural areas of China simply go unrecognized by the central government. Ethnic minorities do not have to follow the policy at all. China's one child policy is largely a myth.

  • China needs to get with the times, and let their huge population freely expand. It should not be any shame to be a population giant.

    Let world population grow and grow more wildly, ballooning like a huge unstoppable wildfire in a hot summer drought. The world can hold a drastically larger population. Sure, the world population is growing. Why shouldn't China grow also? If China and India portend where the world is headed, more and more countries with gigantic rapidly-growing billion+ human populations, then so be it. More and more people would be glad to live, even if they must be born into dense countries in order to come alive.

    Human population is supposed to grow exponentially. Surely God designed human population to grow that way, as most all of Adam and Eves descendants also inherited the ability to reproduce, and human babies began to emerge out of ever more fertile baby holes. Even liberals seem to want for as the human population naturally expands, for more and more people to become sexually active, and the number of people mating throughout the world, goes on growing. What I must disagree with liberals on, is their perversion of sex, by their RAMPANT CONTRACEPTIVE PUSHING.

    Each and every human life is of immense value and sacred, so human populations everywhere should grow rapidly, unhindered by any means of birth control. Humans can adapt to rising population levels, without any need to diss babies nor human life.

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