• The one child policy is inherently sexist; it's not about race.

    By imposing a one child policy, families are being forced to choose what gender of child they have so that they do not exhaust the resources they, as a nation, have. Under the policy, babies have been aborted or dropped off at orphanages, girls more often than boys, although some end up there because of multiple births, or the unwillingness of the parents to abort a baby.

    Posted by: deideigirl
  • I do not think the one child policy is racist, but it is sexist.

    I do not know how the policy would promote racism, but it does promote sexism, by creating a system where males are favored over females. But this is teaching them a lesson now, because they are running out of women to marry men!

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • Not racism at all

    Why is this considered racism?? This is so stupid... China's One child policy is simply a management reason.. The fact that old chinese tradition loves big families, the bigger your family, the better it is.. But that has to be stopped, because if the population kept growing, it become unmanageable.. One Child Policy is a choiceless neccessity..

  • The "one child" policy in China is a survival tactic to slow down extreme overcrowding in the country.

    China's "one child" policy is in place to try to prevent a total collapse of the country's resources due to overcrowding. The policy applies to the citizens of China, who I assume are mostly Chinese. If they enforced this policy only upon non-Chinese citizens of China, then it would aptly be considered racist. If one must apply a label to this policy, I would think "sexist" is more appropriate since the Chinese people have used the policy as a reason to eliminate baby girls.

    Posted by: EweIICist
  • I do not think that a one child policy is based upon inherent different traits in racial groups and, so, I do not believe that China's policy is inherently racist.

    China's one child policy is very much financially based. The country does not feel that it can support families that contain more than one child. It is also a means of population control. The biggest downside to this policy is the fact that many Chinese girls are left as orphans. Though I agree that this policy is wrong, and no family should abandon their daughter because they hope to later have a son, I do not view this as racial. Males and females are not races. They are sexes. The policy certainly may be sexist, but it is not racist.

    Posted by: SpitefulChi
  • There is nothing racist about China's one child policy, since it is imposed by the same people that are restricted by it.

    Since racism is defined as discrimination, hatred, or intolerance of a race, I do not see how the term applies to China's one child policy, since the policy is a blanket one that applies to all citizens of the country, regardless of race.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I think China's 'one child' policy has no basis in racism.

    China's 'one child' policy was put in place as a way to control population growth. They are the fastest growing nation in the world and like any nation have a limited amount of resources. I do not think racism had anything to do with the policy. I think the most important consideration is the ability to feed those children in the future as populations grow.

    Posted by: IgnorantCraig79
  • No, I do not think the one child policy is racist, because there are other motivations behind it.

    The "one child" policy is not racist, but it is a very good example of government control going way overboard. The government over there knows they're spread too thin and, if families have more than one child, there could be a food shortage. But, instead of fixing the food problem, they simply become oppressive on their own citizens.

    Posted by: R04chGrov
  • I don't think China's one child policy is racist.

    I think China's one child policy is meant to slow down or stop its population increase. I don't see how anybody could say it is racist. It is the Chinese who set the policy for the Chinese, so how could it be racist? It may be sexist, since I've heard that female babies are aborted so that parents can have a boy baby, but I don't think it's racist.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • No, I disagree that the "one child" policy is racist, because it was created solely to control population.

    I think that China's "one child" policy was implemented for the sole purpose of cutting down on the population growth. The population was expanding, and it seemed the country was not able to provide for the needs of its people. I think that, with this policy, depending on the generation and the ratio of male to female populace, if someone in China did not find a suitable life partner, they would have no choice but to look elsewhere. So, indirectly, it is accepting other races.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • No, the "one child" policy is not racist, because it's a Chinese policy applied to the Chinese people.

    Racism is not normally practiced against races other than a country's own. The "one child" policy was implemented in an attempt to curb overpopulation, not as an act of hate and intolerance by the Chinese government against its own people. While not racist, in the actual practice, it could be considered sexist. Since male children were considered more valuable than female children, many female babies were abandoned or killed by their families. This allowed the parents to try again for a male child.

    Posted by: P03tPinch
  • I disagree that the one child policy in China is inherently racist, because it is in place to control an out-of-control population.

    I lived in China for 3 years as an ESL teacher, and I don't believe that the "one child" policy is racist. While there have been many negative outcomes, like infanticide due to the preference for boys, it is not racist. The policy was created to control the booming population and limited resources. If the policy were racist, they wouldn't allow more than one child for the ethnic minorities in China, and this isn't the case. The Chinese government refers to this under the official translation of family planning policy: [1] It officially restricts the number of children married urban couples can have to one, although it allows exemptions for several cases, including rural couples, ethnic minorities, and parents without any siblings themselves. You can read more about this at

    Posted by: baronet38

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Anonymous says2013-04-20T02:41:17.547
Typical liberal nonsense! For starters it's not racist, maybe sexist. Second, who the hell cares? China can do what they want with their citizens.