Is China's political model superior to those of Western countries?

  • The "Democracy" in the US is stupid and evil.

    Many western countries including the US are stagnating. We westerners think that the common voters have power. This is simply not the case. This system is hijacked by corporations that will do anything for profit. They have screwed over the people, and they will not stop. The Chinese government is not a puppet. It shifts power away from meaningless corporations and focuses on things that actually matter.

  • In certain areas, definitely. Power bearers are at least guaranteed to be very 'capable'

    China is never the Communist state it once was decades ago, but an efficient, competitive meritocracy. Local politicians must prove their abilities before entering the center. Western democracy, on the other hand, may elect a president with no governing experience whatsoever -- just a puppet backed up by rich corporations.

  • No, China's political model isn't superior to those of Western countries

    No, I don't believe that China's political model isn't superior to those of Western countries. I think that looks can be deceiving, and while communism looks good on paper, as does China's model of government and its politics, what we can't see is that the system is headed toward major reform. China's economy will stand the test of time, without a shadow of a doubt, but as the country and its citizens continue to prosper, they will demand a more progressive government, and soon topple the current communist regime.

  • It's not going to last.

    China's political model is not sustainable. The Chinese economy continues to grow, the internet (and the freedom of information that it brings) is increasing, and people are clamoring for more rights and freedoms. The government is slowly but surely releasing its grip on power-- it has to, as the current Chinese political model simply cannot hold up much longer.

  • Definitely Not

    Communism seems like a good idea, especially for big countries that huge populations spread out over a vast landmass. I'm speaking of Russia and China. Communism in theory is perfect, but it doesn't take the selfishness and greed of human nature into account and thus it fails. In my opinion there is no political system superior to Democracy in large countries. Socialism works for some small countries who have their stuff together, but not for the United States.

  • Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

    The Chinese government needs to learn from the Soviet Union. Eventually, the system will collapse. European and American styles of governing have lasted for centuries thanks to freedom and capitalism as opposed to strict government controls. Eventually, the Chinese people won't stand for the government anymore and overthrow those in power. When that happens, watch out.

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