• Do we need to state the obvious?

    The people on the no side seem to think chivalry is just holding doors open for women. There is more to being honorable than holding doors so you can get a sneak at her backside under the guise of being respectful. It is also about honesty and protecting those who cannot protect themselves (Wikipedia), It seems that everyone is all about number one and they could not care less about what harm they inflict on others. They are self absorbed, letting their souls get sucked away by smartphones. If people have manners, for the sake of having manners, I sure as hell want to see it.

  • Yes, of course.

    Chivalry is dead. We do not see men doing things for women like the old times anymore. Of course there were no rights for them, but we do not see anyone laying even a coat down on a puddle for women not to get wet. They used to do that. I have never ever seen any man do this for a woman. And if a person did this for a woman she would be so startled she would not know what to do.

  • I believe chivalry is dead

    Chivalry died a long time ago along with the medieval age of knights and the code of honor. Not many knights exists now but only stories of them still occur. Chivalry is usually only seen in movies, books and even games now however in the real world, it doesn't exist.

  • Chivalry should be dead

    I think that chivalry should be dead. The reasons are very simple.
    I think that girls and women have to stand on their own foot (instead of relying on men).
    In teen titans go, Season 3 episode 37 raven herself said that chivalry is dead. This supports the fact that chivalry should be dead.

  • Chivalry is dead

    Chivalry is gone but we need to bring it back it's not right the way we respect we argue and abuse. We basically torchure each other I think we should try to take It back make a stand help other to understand what compassion, love, happiness just life in general is all about. We need manners we need trust and we need forgiveness. Yes men might open up doors for ladies and pay for a drink every once and a while but that doesn't make it chivalry. Chivalry is about manner, respect, honor, helpfulness, no lying, be a girls knight and shining armor, to defend the weak, to help orphans and widows, to always have faith even when it's not possible, so it's basically like a superhero. If a man or a woman is reading this then we do have luck to bring back chivalry and help me bring it back help chivalry come back rise not only can men do this but we man too.

  • It's not dead

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  • No, but it should be.

    Chivalry is sexist to both men and women. The fact that when men are encouraged to show it towards other people also, they only care about the weak and injured ones, shows that it is assuming that women are weak. But I have seen people and heard about people who do treat women specially.

  • I am living proof it still lives! (but its desperately clinging on to life)

    I've always been the kind to respect women. I was raised with the ideals of chivalry and respecting women. I'm no gentleman, but i do still do stuff like hold open doors, tell the girls they're pretty from time to time, (guys great relationship advice, girls LOVE stuff like that!)

  • No, chivalry is not dead.

    A popular phrase now a day, indeed. "Chivalry is dead", but I don't feel that's the case. Chivalry has changed, but it is not dead. The way someone acts morally with another person, this has changed since the days when the word Chivalry was even introduced, sure, but being a moral person always remains, it's just different today. Holding a car door for someone? Walking an elderly woman across the street? Sure these are "chivalrous" things, but how about donating to a charity? Using excess business funds to enrich a local community park? Those sound very chivalrous to me, as well. Things have changed, so has chivalry.

  • No, chivalry is not dead.

    There are still men out there whom know how to treat a lady. They open doors for them, pull out their chairs, and walk them to the door. Although I know this is not the norm, I still see it happen. I personally am a single mom and I raised to boys on my own. They know how to be gentlemen, not only to ladies, but to the elderly. It is up to the parents to teach their children right from wrong

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