• It is healthy super duper healthy for you

    It is healthy unlike strawberry milk it is super duper bad for you so why don't all people drink it i get that just some people just don't like it but it will it will be awesome just please for me and other people drink sum. Trust me you might just like it!

  • Chocolate milk is good

    There is no difference in drinking choc milk or eating take out people .Everything is bad now a days we could spend forever tearing apart every food .It's how people are today everything is frozen cause there is no more taking time to make food healthy food for family's it's make dinner as fast as you can with some Kinda frozen stuff .And if we want to pick milk apart what about our meat and what the animals eat or our fruit and veggies all the crap they spray it with .Everything is bad for us ....Milk doesn't make you fat .Bad eating habbits make you fat .Not exercising. Chocolate milk is ok in moderation like everything .Walking is good for you so everyone should park there cars cause it's not good to spend as much time driving as we do and you could be in an accident and die that's not good for you either .People are getting bigger cause of take out and sheer laziness it discusting that everything is foods fault .Maybe your kids wouldn't be far if they had to cut grass or do some chores or maybe take the phones computers and tv's away send them outside to play it cost less then all there devices.It's discusting how peopl are blame shifters it's foods and milk fault lol it's sad

  • Chocolate Milk is way better

    Chocolate milk does not contain corn suryp, however it does contain sugar. Even though it does contain sugar many still drink it because they either think it tastes better, or they know it’s healthier.
    Chocolate milk has vitamins that are good for you: A, D,
    Chocolate milk gives you Calcium which is also good for you too. Reconmended you drink chcolate milk
    Scientific studies show that kids need at least 3 cartons of milk each day, therefore chocolate milk is no different than white milk except for the taste, color, sugar added by 6g

    Therefore Chocolate is better!!!!

  • Why keep chocolate milk in schools

    Well chocolate milk is better 1 it doesn't have corn syrup 2 it has some sugars but not as much as soda or sugary drinks.3 it has a lot of vitamins that are good for you such as vitamin A&D. 4 it gives you the calcium you need. Chocolate milk is better and the children drinks that more which gives them more calcium.

  • Is chocolate milk better then regular milk ?

    Well chocolate milk is better 1 it doesn't have corn syrup 2 it has some sugars but not as much as soda or sugary drinks.3 it has a lot of vitamins that are good for you such as vitamin A&D. 4 it gives you the calcium you need. Chocolate milk is better and the children drinks that more which gives them more calcium.

  • Chocolate milk is the best

    In my opinion schools should keep chocolate milk because according to the dairy guidelines kids need 3 cartons of milk every day plus it has vitamins and minerals plus calssum for healthy bone growth whoulde you have your kid drink no milk or chocolate milk I would choose chocolate milk over white.

  • Its basically the same thing!!!!

    Chocolate milk may have more sugar but it is basically the same as regular milk. It has the same nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D. I mean, milk is milk!!! The only differences are taste and looks. Chocolate tastes sweet, creamy, and chocolaty and it looks, well, brown. But good!! I'll say, chocolate milk is way better. :)

  • It’s great and is so tasty

    Chocolate milk has 3 teaspoons of sugar but every day you should consume about 6 teaspoons of sugar. Also a nutritionist, Melissa Dobbins says chocolate milk is fine and helps kids get the three servings of dairy that are needed. Chocolate milk has 27 grams of carbohydrates which will keep u energized. Many people think chocolate milk makes people obese but that is actually from other fatty foods We eat. It is fin and gives people the same nutrients they need. 👍👍👍👍

  • Because it have nutrient and vitamins.

    Chocolate milk was healthy than regular and it have different flavor.Also it have less sugar and lee fat.Also,student drink chocolate milk can help their body more strong and healthy. This shows why drinking chocolate milk can help student body more healthy.In addition it help student more energy and more strong than you think.

  • Chocolate milk is delicious

    However, it can have more sugar than normal milk, but normal milk can be worse for you since it is straight from ( it is still filtered). According to Hollandia Dairy, chocolate milk only has 4g less sugar than chocolate milk. So chocolate milk can still be better than white milk.

  • One has more uses.

    Once milk has been turned into chocolate milk, there is no going back. At which point it has a very limited uses.

    On the other hand regular milk has about a thousand uses. Tons of recipes, can be made into cheese, can be made into chocolate milk (I know, semantics).

  • White milk rocks

    Chocolate milk has way to much sugar and caffeine and people call it sugar in disguise for a reason.226 calories are in chocolate milk.Chocolate milk is also called a drug and it makes you really really sleepy and it causes you to get really bad stress levels. It's bad for your adrenal glands.

  • Chocolate milk has some unexpected ingredients!

    What if I told you that your favorite chocolate milk you drink contains some suspicious ingredients. Just like having mustard on your salad, Choclate milk contains, LOTS OF SALT, How Do I know this, I looked on the back of chocolate milk and say some scary ingredients. Sugar 30 g.

  • White milk is better

    White milk is obviously better than chocolate milk because it is healthier, and chocolate milk does make a good sports drink, but why chocolate milk and not white milk. And that would be pretty much why that chocolate milk is worse than white milk. Do you agree with me or not.

  • Be original !

    Chocolate milk is worse for you than regular milk and besides it is a invention from mankind. And with the way Americas health has been going the should probably stick to the original milk and try drinking two percent or skim personally I drink whole milk and it has won my heart and I will never dip my double stuf oreos in chocolate milk. GOOD DAY WORLD!

  • Chocolate milk is discussing

    Chocolate milk to me dosen't taste so good, and it has a lot of sugar and it has caffeine. Most people would say everything is better with chocolate, but here that's not the case. Plus In the school café, people don't drink it. They play with it like its crap

  • Some unexpected ingredients

    Next time u drink chocolate milk think of what u are drinking, are you really drinking milk or a processed food drink with artificial brown coloring. I know kids just love chocolate milk but they can consume up to 15, 20 gallons of chocolate milk from just one Week! Your Funeral!

  • Chocolate milk bad

    Chocolate milk is bad for you because you are adding more fat and more sugar which is bad for your body and white milk is better because it doesn't have as much fat or sugar as chocolate milk. That is why chocolate milk is worse for you than white, Pure milk.

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  • It is gross!

    It is not supposed to be this way for many reasons. One reason is that the chocolate milk tastes like sewer water and there is way,way,way to much sugar in chocolate milk. It is just plain gross because of the sugar. That is why I choose no for this debate.

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