• We never seem to stop hearing about him being violent towards women.

    He's constantly attacking, or threatening to attack women. He obviously has issues and cannot control his temper, he's shown this on multiple occasions. Oh, and it's funny that he's never violent towards men unless he's surrounded by his big crew of security guards! He's a pathetic 'man', and I use that term loosely. A nasty guy. He looks like a drugged out thug most of the time now too.

  • Typical McDonald's eating lowlife R&B musical loser

    First of all I hate R&B because that music is just noise. Everything is about, "Oh you cheating on me," or "You got game, baby" or some stupid jibberish crap. Ugh! When does it end with types like him. R&B is so annoying. Chris Brown is a loser who loves chopping Big Macs as well.

  • Yes, He Has No Excuse

    Hitting a woman is never excusable, and Chris Brown has never truly shown remorse for his actions. Since he is a celebrity, he should and is held to a higher standard. He has taken no action to actually contribute to any battered women's advocacy group. He is just a callous man who obviously doesn't care about his violent past.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, Chris Brown is indeed a violent man.

    No matter what your call to fame is, the cases brought up against Chris Brown for beating Rihanna is nothing less than despicable for a celebrity. We must hold those famous more accountable than they currently are because of their influence on people. We as a society should not let bad morals run wild in our celebrities. If we did, it would be a catastrophe.

  • Obviously

    You don't condone hitting women if you aren't violent. Chris Brown is a lot of things, and most of them are bad. When you talk about adults that act like entitled spoiled children, Chris Brown is who you are taking about. He needs therapy for a lot of reasons, none of which he will seek it for.

  • He Beat His Girlfriend

    Yes, Chris Brown is violent. How could someone say he isn't? He beat up his girlfriend Rihanna. We all saw the pics and how bad it was. Brown also through stuff through a window while on a television show out of anger. He is a violent individual and needs some type of help.

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