Is Chris Christie in the same boat as Hilary with the Bridgegate emails?

  • Chris Chritie has his own corruption problems.

    Chris Christie's actions in the Bridgegate scandal are closely comparable to the corruption, displayed by Hillary Clinton. He acted to punish his enemies and this is never a good thing when it's government doing it. He did, indeed try to cover up his actions in the Bridgegate scandal and that can't be tolerated. It should disqualify him from being president, as Hillary should be also.

  • Hillary is much worse off

    Won't argue which of them was "more wrong", but Hillary has a large chunk of the intelligence community gunning for her now because they what she did either via negligence or intentional deceit would have gotten most of them fired and potentially jailed.

    For her to be so careless with information that could risk our national security as the Secretary of State and then waive her hands in the air saying "My Bad" then use her connections to get immunity is a slap in their face. In the intelligence community this is an egregious offense, that people outside of the public sector probably wouldn't understand.

  • He's done worse

    Hillary Clinton did something stupid but I truly believe it was not deliberate. She wanted to be connected electronically and allowed that enthusiasm to cloud her judgment. Chris Christie, on the other hand, is a bully who deliberately set out to punish those who did not do what he wanted. There's no way he did not know what was happening. New Jersey is a small state. Anything happening there does not go unnoticed, especially by him. His emails on bridge gate will haunt him but not to the extent Hillary's emails haunt her because his opponents are not petty enough to dog him constantly about it. He's not much of a threat anyway.

  • He's in a worse position

    Christie is actually worse off than Hilary since Bridgegate was seemingly done out of spite and it had tangible effects on real "ordinary" people at a local level. If it actually happened on his orders, it prevented an ambulance from reaching emergency care. Plus, being stuck in traffic is very real to everyday voters.The thought that Christie might have shut it down in retaliation is disturbing when you consider global relations and his temperament.

  • Christie's Email Leaks are Alarming, but Clinton's Are More Egregious

    While the lack of tact and security around these electronic communications that contain classified information is alarming, Chris Christie is in a slightly different boat than Hilary Clinton. The Governor of New Jersey is an important and high profile position, it pales in comparison to the importance of the positions Clinton held. Having emails containing classified information while the Secretary of State is a much more critical offence.

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