• So is the homeless person on the corner.

    The presidency is a joke anymore. It seems that anyone can become the president. Obama was elected primarily because he was the first African American to do so. Chris Christie could be the first overweight, plus sized president. At first, I thought of saying no to this question due to my beliefs on what the president should stand for. With the current issues in the United States, unfortunately, my opinion seems to be a minority. I actually believe that a Libertarian deserves the presidency. The Democrats and Republicans are far less concerned with the citizens of the United States than they are about the amount of money in their own pockets. The United States needs a change. I do not mean for my argument to be offensive to anyone, but Obama has changed my opinion on our politics. Every candidate makes promises that are not kept. It effectively turns the presidential campaign into a joke.

  • Are You Kidding?

    Chris Christie & Jeb Bush are the ONLY Presidential material currently in the GOP! Since Bush shows no interest in the job, that leaves Christie. The question is: Can he win? On the surface, I'd say that he could. However, there is a new book out ("Double Down") that reveals Christie's work with Bernie Madoff. None of us can help it, if our boss is a stealing pr*ck. But if Christie engaged in similar activity while working for Madoff ... OUCH!

  • He has a brain

    Which is something most politicians lack... I am aware there are complaints against him using federal resources after New Jersey was hit by a hurricane, when a true-republican would have thrown the local population under the bus to make a democratic president look bad. I personally think his ability to be reasonable, and admit when the other side does something well, is admirable traits ideal in a leader.

  • Christie meets all 3 Constitutional requirements.

    Christie meets all the requirements to run for President.

    There are only three requirements in the Constitution to be President; you must be at least 35 years old; you must be a natural born citizen; and, lived in USA for at least 14 years.

    Then you have to decide what party you represent, or run as an independent and then make an official announcement that you are running, which you usually do in your home state.

    The next part may be the hardest part. You have to raise lots of money. This is what knocks most ordinary citizens out of the ball park.

    Once you have the money, you get a campaign manager. Then you designate a campaign headquarters and recruit volunteers. Then you register as a presidential candidate in your state and participate in the primary elections.

    Then, unless you are an independent, you have to win the Republican or Democratic primary.

    Has anyone ever been President without being wealthy? No! Except for President Harry Truman, all US Presidents were wealthy before becoming President. So, the chance of anyone who is not wealthy becoming President of the USA is remote, especially the homeless.

  • Yes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would be a valid presidential candidate.

    New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie has shown a willingness and the ability to work with his Democratic counterparts for the good of the citizens of his state. He has demonstrated the ability to managed budget issues and the willingness to face them head-on. Governor Christie would be a welcomed change from the traditional presidential candidates.

  • What are you anyway Chris Christie?

    He is a possible "republican" front runner, yet supported Obama when Obama did absolutely nothing. That is the absolute definition of a flip-flopper. You cannot expect to win over Republican votes when supporting Obama, and democratic votes whenever you're a supposed "republican." In all honesty, Chris Christie doesn't even know what he is... So do we really want somebody like him to be our president? Don't think so.

  • No because Chris Christie panders to whomever he feels will help him the most

    Chris Christie was busy talking up President Barack Obama on television while the last election was happening. He had nothing but kind words for him but didn't help out the candidate from his own party at all. Quite frankly any discussion of his weight is a distraction from the fact that Christie has been embroiled in numerous scandals since he has held political office including additional meddling with campaigns and entrapment. The U.S. Would be worse off for allowing Christie to run for the office of the President.

  • Chris Cristie is a Bully and a Fake

    This fat dude is not presidential material starting with his weight. This indicates that he cannot control his eating, that he is a glutton. He is petty and vindictive. He is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. He is too narrow-minded, egotistical, and unreliable. He is a liar. He is a bully. His mode of retaliation has affected millions of people and he did not care because it is ALL about HIM. The retaliatory bridge closing is an example of how he is capable of causing HAVOC ! At a Presidential level, this behavior could do irreparable harm to this country. NO! Go home Christie. The ugly truth is out.

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