Is Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers the most valuable player in 2015?

  • I do no think Chris Paul is the most valuable of 2015

    Chris Paul is one of the best players that have ever played in the NBA. Although I believe this to be true, I do not think he is the most valuable player in the NBA this year because there so many other players that have made a bigger impact on their team.

  • Chris Paul had a great year, but not a MVP year.

    The Los Angeles Clipper's guard Chris Paul had a wonderful season this year, but it was not enough to get him the NBA's Most Valuable Player award this year. He does not have the scoring, there are three or four others with better stats. He just does have the play to rate him above the other player being considered.

  • No he is the most valuable player the clippers have because without Chris Blake would not have anyone to throw ally oops to him.

    Chris can score any way. Chris's team trusts him to make a three if they need him he is a clutch he is prolly better than james harden. Chris is not scared to go to the hoop and get fouled hard. Also he can shoot threes and he shares the ball really well like a point guard should that is why he is the most valuable player for the clippers

  • Chris Paul will not be the MVP for 2015

    Chris Paul will not be the MVP for 2015. This is because the most valuable player will change as the months go on and performances are re-evaluated. People get their names on top and then struggle to stay on top. So if someone thinks an MVP is a specific individual, months later they might change their mind.

  • Chris Paul is not the MVP of 2015

    Chris Paul, while a great ball hander, scorer, and defender, is not the Most Valuable Player in 2015. The NBA MVP for 2015 is Steph Curry -- a very deserved award, given his regular-season performance. Steph Curry had a fantastic year on the court, and while Chris Paul does deserve praise for his year, Steph was more deserving of MVP for leading the Golden State Warriors to the best record in the league.

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