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  • Christain Science is Not Scientology

    Christian Science is an off shoot of Christianity, and is a fairly basic and well known religion. The fact that the word 'science' is in the title often times confuses people. Not to be mistaken for Scientology, with takes money from followers for classes and has a radical view of the world.

  • Christian Science's practices does not make it a cult

    Christian Science is not a cult. The religion has aspects to it that mainstream Christians might think are extreme, such as not consulting physicians when a person is sick, but this is part of religious freedom. Although this might not always be medically smart, this does not make Christian Science a cult.

  • Just Different Beliefs

    Christian Science isn't a cult. Like Mormonism, it is simply a new interpretation of some theological aspects of Christianity. Christian Scientists believe in the healing power of prayer in addition to mentally healing everything rather than relying on modern medicine. A cult means Christian Scientists worship some leader within their organization, which isn't true.

  • Just a group

    No, I do not think that Christian Science is a cult. They are just another religious group, not any different that normal Catholics or Christians, that we do not refer to as cults. They simply have a different view on their religion, which is perfectly fine and completely legal here.

  • Doesn't Fit Definition

    A cult is defined as a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. Christian Science was founded by Mary Baker Eddy but the adherents did not idolize or worship her as a figure head, she was simply explaining the tenets of this belief system.

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