Is Christianity a good or bad influence on society?

Asked by: Sunfire315
  • Yes its a good moral baisis

    Even if it is a religion, the ten commandment are really good morals to live by. For example Thou shalt not commit adultery.
    Thou shalt not steal.
    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
    Thou shalt not covet
    all are a really good basis to live by especially in this day in age.

  • Yes it is

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  • Christianity has influenced Western Society For the Past 1500 Years

    I won't deny the occasionaly reactionary tendencies of Christianity, but:

    1. Only 7% of all wars were religious motivated, contributing overall to only 2% of fatalities in wartime. Half of this was due to Islam.
    2. Christianity has maintained and evolved Greek philosophy, allowing for the development of modern thought (St. Augustine and Aquinas are particularly important to modern philosophers like Locke).
    3. The "Protestant Work Ethic" resulted in the foundation of capitalism, while the Pope supported the emerging merchant class against German feudal princes in the HRE wars.
    4. Christian institutions have been responsible for the foundation of modern education, and other humanitarian organizations (e.G. Hospitals, or welfare in the Byzantine Empire).
    5. Christianity has been used to justify abolitionist movements in the West.
    6. Christian proto-feminist movements (Cathars) stand out in stark contrast to pagan treatment of women (for example, in Ancient Athens, gender was the only barrier to democracy, and women weren't regarded as persons/citizens).

  • Christianity is a horrible moral background.

    Most people who claim Christianity to be a good, moral faith have never familiarized themselves with the Bible. The book contains justification of slavery, murder of children, mistreatment of non-Jewish and homosexual individuals, as well as mass genocide of the human race (the great flood). The first 4 of the Ten Commandments have nothing to do with morals, and focus on worshipping God. Furthermore, if you need a biblical list to know that stealing from and killing others is wrong, you’ve got bigger problems. Furthermore, many commonly accepted moral positives such as being against slavery and torture do not come from the Bible. They are actually promoted by the Bible. People have a natural sense of morality, but often times THINK it is because of religion, but this is not the case. Research the Bible and the origins of the church on your own time, and do your own thinking.

  • No it is not.

    Within society a large amount of arguments and civil wars have occured throughout the years due to religion. Although some people believe that the disagreements and troubles caused by religion is over it is not, the fact is it still exsists today, and in marriage or religous families the disagreements still occur.

  • Christianity is a bad influence on society

    Religion was used when we had no means to explain natural occurrences, now that we have science we no longer need the mythology and lore. Furthermore, Christianity alienates many people just by the basic structure, and beliefs. While many of the basic laws of the US constitution are based off the ten commandments.

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