Is Christianity a logical and rational religion?

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  • Religion is what man made.

    Religion is what man made. Christianity is not a religion, it is His Story. But Bible is historical, mathematical, scientific, and logical. It is not mystical, and it is not just a story. You read it and you need to understand it. It takes great wisdom and understanding and God given intuition and open your eyes to understand what it really means.

  • It should be taken seriously if people believe in it

    Religion is a way that people go to in order to solve their own problems. Sometimes, a prayer is all that is needed. Christianity is one of those religions, and it does back up it's arguments with evidence that the church finds. The debate does not define anything, so "logical" should be defined as "something backed up by evidence and understood by the reader" and "rational" as' something that makes sense by the reader". Using these definitions, Christianity is a logical and rational religion.

  • Yes it is

    The religion Christianity is based on the bible and believing in the 3 god head....God the father, god the son, and god the holy spirit. It's something not that difficult to understand. I mean people choose what they wanna believe in. But Christianity is obviously true and of you wanna believe in something other than Christianity go ahead, just expect when you die to go to hell

  • The base beliefs of Christianity is perfectly logical.

    However people are not people often claim that we are the victims of religions but religions are concepts not physical entities that can harm us religions are victims of us. They are twisted to fit the purpose of those who wish to push their world views on others. If Christianity is treated like a concept that doesn't need to be concrete or proven. The bible doesn't need to be the perfect word of god. It has been translated edited and manipulated throughout history. The Core concept of Christianity was perfectly rational before we had understanding of many things it promotes for the most part a healthy society. Conceptually there isn't anything in current science that couldn't be the work of god. How ever the idea that god needs us to worship him and accept his word without question is absurd and completely irrational. Those ideas are purely the actions of men to draw people into there religion out of fear and to consolidate power and influence. No benevolent god would ask you to spend a single second worshiping it, it would simply ask that you live you're life in way that just and moral.

  • Yes it is

    People may think that Christianity is just another religion that doesn't make sense but that is because as humans we cannot understand the ways of God. We don't know everything and we need to make it clear the though we think we are smart we are actually not. What is our purpose in life? When did everything we know become logical? Look at the world and how amazing this creation is, and with a creation there is a creator.

  • Christianity validates logic

    Logic itself can only be rationally accounted for within the Christian worldview, by the impossibility of the contrary. No other worldview can provide a rational justification for the existence of abstract, universal, invariants such as the laws of logic. As such, competing positions are therefore necessarily rendered 'illogical' and false.

  • Christianity defies logic.

    The principles of Christianity as determined in the Bible quite often defy logic and rational thought. I've grown up with Christian parents in a VERY religious church, and one observation I've seen is that logic is not a basic of Christianity in the least. People will argue the ten commandments as being logical, but those are actually the foundations human morality, which "God instilled". To be a Christian, as determined by the Bible, you need a LOT more than the ten commandments. That LOT more, isn't logical. Trust me.

  • Logic and reason are absolute

    Logic and reason support facts about reality that do not contradict reality. A contradiction arises when two ideas each make the other impossible. Contradictions don't exist in reality because reality simply is as it is and does not contradict itself. Only our evaluations of reality can contradict each other. If the content of your knowledge contains contradictions, then some of your knowledge is in error. Because in order to be successful in reality one must know reality, success requires correct knowledge. Belief also know as faith is an unreliable path to knowledge that is free of Contradictions.

  • No it's neither logical nor rational religion...

    How Christianity be logical and rational by believing in more than one god, God is one (Allah) . I am a muslim and I believe in Jesus ( issa ) as a prophet and messenger from God to guide people to the right way (Islam).
    Did you know that the word itself (ISLAM) means peace. But there are some crazy groups who are trying to defame Islam such as ISIS.

  • It shouldn't be taken seriously word per word

    Religion requires belief, something that cannot be taken truthfully unless you have some degree of reasoning. If someone takes christianity word per word, then there are many logical fallacies. For an example, Jesus coming back to life in 3 days after being executed does not seem very convincing. Despite the so called eye witness accounts, there is no way to prove that a man came back to life after 3 days. Similar things can only be found in religious texts, which tells us that it cannot be taken seriously.

  • It really has too many holes in the stories to be taken seriously

    If you say the bible is true then you have to believe it all. To believe it all would make you pretty gullible and unquestioning, If you say the bible is only partially true or not true at all then you are not really a Christian just agnostic with some Christian names thrown in.

  • I believe that in every single religion that exist in this world, there must be something that "irrational"

    Irrationality implies that the human logic won't be able to catch all of the God secrets. So by that word, the most critical point is not about whether it's rational or not, but the debate should be it's ORIGINAL / TRUE / FOLLOW ABLE or not. If then the motion, the answer is Christianity is not original religion and It's not worth to be embraced.

  • As a Christian, no.

    Belief in God, I argue is rational, however Christianity is very much an existential belief. One cannot necessarily rely on logic and reason to reach Christian faith.
    Nonetheless, this is in no way saying that it is bad to be Christian, simply that it is an existential and not empirical realisation.

  • No not at all

    There's nothing logical about a man building a boat big enough to carry to of every specie of every single animal. Or a virgin giving birth to a baby who would grow up to turn water into wine, walk on water or feed 5000 people with a bit of bread and some fish. No logic at all

  • Mostly yes, except for the Trinity.

    Most of Christianity is logical and rational. However, Christians believe in the Trinity. There is one God who exists in three persons: the Father, Son, and Spirit. This defies logic, which is part of the point. Those who developed the doctrine of the Trinity recognized that the moment someone claims to fully understand God is the moment they are the farthest from understanding God. The doctrine of the Trinity helps remind us that we will never fully understand God in this life. That does not make it false, but it does require that we abandon our arrogant belief that we can know it all.

  • Mostly no why needed

    If you read the bible as you can see they don't clearly state where God is created all they state is that he is a spirit. They also stated that he created the world in 7 days within a click of a finger so basically magic and magic doesn't exist.

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