• Generally yes, they practice restraint.

    When is the last time a Christian attacked you or the church they followed stated they were justified in doing so? No reverend today would say that a Christian should be out committing acts of violence on anyone. I think the most extreme thing they do to you for something they don't agree with is pray for you or put literature on your doorstep. Comparably, they aren't out bombing non-believers like other religions out there.

  • Yes, Christianity is most peaceful.

    For the Christ taught love your enemies and do good to those that hate you. Bless those that curse you and pray for those that persecute you. Judge not, least you be judged and forgive or God will not forgive you.

    Christians are not supposed to judge in hatred, violence, and mocking. But "teach" in love, forgiveness, and mercy.

  • Well we don't conduct violent operations in present day times.

    Unlike many religious organizations, the Christians have never been a violent religion. You can say all that you would like about the Crusades, but one instance does not define a group of people. If so, that would mean that many of our presidents and governmental leaders are evil, because of the turmoil that they have lead this country into and started. In the bible, there are multiple accounts of people dying, but they are not sacrifices to their God. The Christian God does not believe in human sacrifice, and does not accept it as an offering.

    Christians are almost always the first group of people to a place that has just been in some type of natural disaster or serious problem. They are always trying to help other people and bring peace to other people. Christians do not provoke violence at the drop of a hat on most accounts, where other people do. The Bible is an account of the time before and after God's coming as Jesus Christ. The people back then were horribly primitive and had nearly no sense of right and wrong. Part of Jesus' mission was to show them how to live their lives in order to live with him in heaven after death. There was a lot of violence back then, and it is not fair to judge the Christians based on customs that seemed appropriate at the times.

  • How can anyone deny this?

    So, the main reason why I am choosing to comment is because of the comments in the "no" section.

    I find it funny how all of these comments are referring to the Old Testament, and exclusively the Old Testament. At the time of my comment I have not see one reference to the New Testament. Just quoting the Old Testament alone in attacking Christianity isn't so much attacking Christian's as it's attacking Jews (Judaism).

    In the New Testament we continually read various verses saying that the Old Covenant (Old Testament Laws and Practices) is null. Meaning that it no longer applies to anyone anymore due to it's replacement by a New Covenant. This New Covenant was promised to Israel a long time ago, and with the atoning death of Jesus Christ it has come into fruition.

    In reply to Bendo333 no, Christian's don't believe that our problems will be solved by stoning someone to death. Why? Because, the Old System is no longer valid, there is a new system in place.

    However, it is common for Atheist's (Like yourself) to be uninformed about the Bible given that they just focus on the parts that they perceive as bad and nothing else. I think it's more reflective on Bendo's lack of intellectual prowess, but oh well.

    Also, to those saying "No" because of actions of Christians during the Crusades, Dark Ages, Nazi Germany, etc. What you have to realize is that anyone can take a pure and good ideal and corrupt it to fit their own ends. That holds true for anything. I don't think anyone in the Crusades or Nazi Germany was following some central commandments of the New Testament like:

    "Love your neighbor" "If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn them the other also."

    Actually, I don't see how anyone like Hitler can justify God telling them to do something as atrocious as the killings of the Jews. However, once again..Man can warp and twist anything to justify what he does.

    Also, Bendo333 do you actually research the things you say? Or do you just find a verse in the Bible, say it's wrong and not have any thought to who wrote it?

    Well, allow me to destroy what Bendo333 just said about Psalm 101:3:
    101:1-8 David's vow and profession of godliness. - In this psalm we have David declaring how he intended to regulate his household, and to govern his kingdom, that he might stop wickedness, and encourage godliness

    So, no. It's not God speaking. It's David. The Psalm's are almost all exclusively written by David in order to praise God, however once again; We have an Atheist, (Bendo333) who doesn't know his facts and seems to lack enough intelligence to do his research.

    Any argument made on here that focus's exclusively on the Old Testament and doesn't factor in the teachings of Jesus, the New Covenant, and the New Testament is just attacking Judaism.

  • Your Peace is not God's Peace.

    God from the beginning wanted peace with ALL His creation but man ruined that peace that God desires. No one has raised any valid arguments against it being peaceful. What you will get are those who have a picture of what peace to them would be and every time its a perverted view. Bringing up people abusing what Christ taught is another dishonest point brought up because what Christ teaches is truth not what man conjures up.

    I would argue that God is love 1 John 4:7-8. Now don't get upset if its not what you want, remember He knows all and in Him is no wicked thing.

  • Yes, Christianity is a religion of peace.

    Of course it is. When you walk into a church, do you see a Pastor/Priest/Reverend preaching about war, gays, and other religions? No, at least not in my church. My church advocates tolerance, and all the other good things about Christianity. We don't think gays burn in hell, or that atheists burn in hell. Nor do we attack other religions.

  • Unequivocally yes. Christianism teaches peace and explicitly condemns any sort of violence.

    In the New Testament, Jesus Christ unequivocally condemns any act of violence, even when he is being taken to his trial and death. There is no way the words of Christ can be interpreted to advocate for violence or war in any way. The fact that through history many people have used the name of Christianity to justify violence is irrelevant, because their actions contradict directly the teachings of Christ.

    While some may argue that there are examples of violence in the Old Testament, this is rather a historical account, and there are examples in which Christ actually directly contradicted accounts from the Old Testament other than the violence issue (e.G., marriage and divorce laws), or went out of his way to undermine the traditional law (e.G., when he told John to pass as Mary's son). Thus it is safe to assume that in Christianism the orders from Christ can overthrow any contradicting order from the Old Testament, and in the words of Christ violence is unacceptable in any way (that's why we are Christians, followers of Christ, and not followers of Moses).

  • Yup, it is

    Old Testament: Shows destruction before Christ
    New Testament: Shows Revival and peace when Christ comes.
    Case closed, end of story.
    Look at the Bible like a well written college paper essay, and the deeper meanings of life come out and present itself to the reader, all intended by the authors.

  • All religions are "supposed to be" advocates for peace

    In the end, the intention behind religion is to promote peace and prosperity. It's pretty easy and clear to see that. Sadly, however, this idea has become clogged due to America's obsession with Islamic terrorism currently occurring in the masses in the Middle East, America's biggest money maker. The reason there is religious terrorism is because different people interpret things differently. Some people interpret the Quran to the point they believe that they must kill infidels, while others take a much more "mature" or peaceful stance. This happens everywhere, even with the U.S. Constitution. Some say the 2nd amendment says everyone can own a gun, some say it just allows for states to hold militias.

    Some of the people practicing the religion may not be peaceful, but irregardless, the majority of Christians - and theists - are "peaceful", and that is what the religion should be.

  • Violent people are everywhere, the religion itself is peaceful

    You can find violent people within all groups of history and the present, but they don't represent the religion itself and its beliefs. People who are on the other side of things will probably believe that Christianity isn't peaceful because Hitler claimed himself to be a Christian, or that Islam isn't peaceful because of ISIS, those are ignorant misinformed opinions.

  • Interpretations are different.

    I said the same thing for Islam. People have interpreted the Bible, and thought that God commanded them to be violent, or kill people[Crusades, KKK, Burning Heretics etc.] And since Christianity is based entirely off the Bible, then the Bible would have to be perfectly peaceful, and impossible to interpret otherwise. However, since it's just a book, there is no way of telling whether the interpretation of a peaceful Christian is any more true than the interpretation of a terrorist.

  • The god of the bible is vicious and the religion has caused countless deaths

    Genesis 6:17 "For behold, I will bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life under heaven. Everything that is on the earth shall die." Even in the Bible when god gets angry it goes on these temper tantrums where it destroys everything. If the god of a religion isn't peaceful, then how is the religion one of peace?

    Also, from the wars of the reformation, to the crusades, to the pogroms of Russia, etc. Christianity has led to thousands if not millions of deaths.

    People may argue against this and say that god loves everyone, however this isn't true. "You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me," (Deuteronomy 5:9)
    "I will set before my eyes no vile thing. The deeds of faithless men I hate; they will not cling to me." (Psalm 101:3)
    People don't like to think of god as jealous and hateful, but that is how it was portrayed in the bible. The bible says to solve most of your problems by stoning someone to death, or putting them to death. It promotes a culture of people murdering each other for their crimes, which clearly isn't peaceful.

  • Yes, Timothy 11:12

    A recent question came up on debate.Org asking if Islam was a religion of peace. I want to now challenge Christianity. For years, Christianity has disguised itself as a religion of love and tolerance when it only destroys the nobility of man kind. For example, in Timothy 12:11 it says I permit that the women should not teach over the man or women. Or in Sodom and Gomorrah, when God basically destroyed everybody their because he disagreed with their sexual preferences. Or in Noah's Ark, when God was willing to drown everybody because everybody was evil in his OPINION(Hitler also wanted to create a perfect Germany by killing everyone he thought was evil). Let's also not forget how the Christians launched the deadly crusades against Islam. Also, the Christians themselves caused the dark ages. In the Dark Ages, those were the ages in where science was basically demolished. Christianity is itself guilty by being the justification for a time that could have made mankind 200 years ahead of what it had been. Lets also not forget how Christians justified torture. Still to this day we see Christianity as something that blinds everybody from seeing truth. For example, in Christian private schools evolution is not taught. Evolution is just a theory on how humans were created, but Christianity wanted to destroy this theory. Christianity also pretends to be tolerant when their people are also okay with seeing other faiths fall at the hands of God and put in eternal fire. Christianity is not a religion of peace, and it continues to strip man's ability to think for himself.

  • Yea there not so peaceful

    Everything you said in first one I agree with except why they don't teach evolution, they don't teach it because it goes against there religion.(somehow even though neither say anything that opposes each other except the idea that the earth naturally formed and animals were not created change about 1% of the theory and its ok)

    Christian religious groups have used Christianity (the most popular religion in the world) to justify murder and torture. Examples the KKK, although the first clan was not religious the 2nd clan used Christianity to justify murder. The Lords Resistance Army (located in Africa). There are MANY MANY more (believe it or not Hitler was a form of Christian) some Christian extremist groups are WAY worse than ISIS, al Qaeda, etc

  • Just like life is made out of violence and chaos to sustain life said matters maybe required

    Christianity is about becoming God's loyal soldier till the bitter end. The reward is going to valhalla or heaven as it's called to live for eternal happiness. God doesn't want your tears, your made up rules, your fabrication of the Bible in your name, he doesn't want your ideas he just wants your undying obedience and trust in Him. Any other idea you had are just lies made up by SJWs.

  • Somebody needs to read the bible

    Go to evilbible.Com. It the quotes it has from the bible are actually in there(I checked). The bible is a very violent book. It condones war, rape, abortion, genocide, ect. Now I know a whole bunch of die hard christians are gonna be like, "How dare you", but it's true.

  • Ku kluxx klan

    The KKK are a clear argument here of how Christianity is not a 'peaceful' religion, victimising slaves and being plain racist. West borough baptist church go around campaigning about how they 'Hate Fags' and that they should die (see Louis Theroux) and is this peaceful? God kills Everton on earth apart from two, extremely peaceful(!) I don't even get the argument against for this... Oh deR.

  • Absolutely Not, Ever...

    Christianity is not at all a religion of peace. In fact some of the most intolerant people in the political and social world are Christians. And for those defending the religion because terrorist attacks have not occurred with the justification of Christianity, you are wrong. Several attacks in the name of Christ and terrorists who were aligned with Christianity have committed horrible acts in the past, look it up.

    No religion is truly peaceful, no religion that promotes an arbitrary hierarchy that persecutes minorities, demands the stoning of sodomites, that desperately clings to the minds of youthful people who are manipulated by those stuck in primitive centuries of mindsets, ones of which persecuted homosexuals and blacks for being inferior biologically and spiritually. Religion is also not logical, no matter what...A magical man that lives in the sky who created the universe in six days? Haha, I don't think so.

    Not only is Christianity illogical it is a commonly used ploy to cover up intolerance in especially American politics. Don't believe me? Look at the Republican party...

  • Responsible for deaths and slavery and many other arguments

    It was responsible for the justification of the slave trade for black Christians. And the Crusades is not necessarily a good time for anyone in the Middle Ages. And many texts are very questionable under modern standards as mentioned by many people. And you could argue that you can control behavior of children but you could teach that without these fictional stories. And if you need a book to teach you morals and ethics then you are not a self esteemed human being.

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jaksunmadness says2015-05-21T08:35:30.627
True peace is achieved when everything is dead
retrogamer176 says2015-05-21T18:12:40.040
@tschuck Matthew 5:18-19 Luke 16:17 Matthew 5:17 2 Timothy 3:16 2 Peter 20-21 Mark 7:10 Matthew 15:4-7 Matthew 5:27 1 Peter 2:18 John 10:35 It seems to me that the old testament IS relevant today. Hey, it was Jesus who said it! He DIRECTLY STATED it as FACT!
Thegreatdebate98 says2016-06-06T19:04:52.453
Is peace always the best solution? Why is that peace is blindly followed, as if life is simple? God loves the world and everyone in it, that aspect is true. Apart of his love is his wrath, in which is crucial, because he gives all of us choices and many chances. However, he calls the world to act peacefully, because not one human can use God's wrath for their own purpose, and then rightfully claim that it was from him.