Is Christianity about submitting to God (not living freely)?

Asked by: JimMystic
  • Not too much into the subject

    I've read the bible. Besides the good stories I didn't really get if some of it was just stories or if it was actual orders that has to be followed to be a good Christian. If it is, I'd say Christianity is a submissive religion and one might as well kneel on all for like the Muslims do. Could be wrong though. That is why I'm asking.

  • What's so bad about submitting to God?

    The assertion here is that one cannot be free by submitting to something? That is a false assertion. We are bound to the need for oxygen. We require it to live so we must submit to that need and find oxygen to breathe. Does that mean we are not free? No. It means we are not independent. However, we are free to chose to serve God or not to serve God. If we chose not to serve God,that doesn't mean God isn't free and sovereign in his own right. Some people may not see serving God as a lack of freedom but, on the contrary, they may see it as exercising their freedom of religion. Freedom is simply a state of existence, not evidence of a high quality of life.

  • It 100% is.

    The Bible clearly states it, and despite what stupid people who claim to be Christian (yet do not seem to care less about God) believe, it is made very clear that the only way to achieve heaven is to submit yourself to God and follow the path he has laid out for you.

  • The question being asked is flawed.

    Christianity is about submitting to God, but it is about the challenges you face in order to reach that state of total commitment. Humans have freewill, which gives them the choice to freely make right or wrong decisions. Therefore, humans have the choice to submit to God, and the right choice would be to submit according to the Bible. This means that you can make the wrong choice to not submit, but as life goes on, you have the ability to freely decide whether or not you want to change your mind. You are always living freely, making decisions wherever you go. God is forgiving and God is merciful; it is up to you if you want to make a decision that can be considered sinful and wrong. He will forgive you as long as you ask for forgiveness and the sin you committed is not too terrible.

  • I don't think so anymore.

    Maybe for a while after Christianity was first created but modern Christianity isn't want it once was. Most Christians don't read the bible or hold traditional christian values. People just believe in a god a default to Christianity because it's the most dominant religion and not because they agree with what the Bible has to say.

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