• El cristianismo, la naturaleza y el sexo

    Quieran negarlo o convertirlo en un acto de fe.
    Todos los humanos, somos geneticamente poligamos, tanto varon como hembra, el serlo esta en nuestra naturaleza, Somos los humanos los unicos en este planeta que hacemos sexo por placer y no para procrear. La hembra humana es la unica que su menstrucion es para expulsar el ovulo no fecundado, las otras especies hacen el sexo cuando tiene la menstruacion y es cuando esta lista para ser germinada.El sexo no tiene que ver con el amor, se puede amar a un@ y hacer sexo con otr@, se puede amar a mas de puede hacer sexo con vari@s y no amar a ningun@.
    Y aun en las especies llamadas ha encontrado hijos de otros padres no es que todas las parejas pero ocurre. en pinguinos, leones, lobos grises,
    y muchas especies de aves catalogadas monogamas.
    Si geneticamente somos poligamos macho y hembra, si el sexo es natural en nosotros.supuestamente tenemos libre albedrio...El cristianismos crea leyes..que nos limitan y en algunos casos nos traumatizan.Leyes que van en contra de nuestra naturaleza y contra de nuestros instintos.Y nos hace mentir, ocultar, enganar, traicionar, a nuestras parejas y a la sociedad.
    No estoy aceptando el abuso sexual en menores, ni la
    violacion, ni el acoso, ni mucho menos la sodomia contra menores de mismo sexo.
    Donde esta el pecado, en la intencion o en el echo?
    Donde esta en la intencion,el deceo, en el no poder realizar el echo por la causa que sea pero no puedes realizar lo que es intencion, aceptado por si mismo, se tiene el deceo y no lo puedes hacer...por la causa que sea y porque no depende de ti.
    Se y les explico el problema, lo que es real, lo que Uds. niegan igual que yo lo niego. Pero no puedo brindar la porque no la tiene...sino que hoy tienen mas libetad los gays en general que los que como yo pienso y planteo, o sea soy un poligamo en el closed

  • It certainly does for some.

    It is not in favor of several different types of sexual activity including gay sex, sex with more than two people, anal sex, masturbating, the list goes on...

  • Christianity is sexually outdated.

    Once in Catholic school, I learned that "missionary" position was the only church sanctioned manner in which sex was permitted. Sex is not openly talked about in most churches. Most people are sexual beings who want to express this with somebody at some point, and Christianity does not aid this. If the persons are not married, then sexual activity is especially condemned, even though it happens, and will continue to do so. I don't feel that it's as openly talked about as it should be among married couples.

    Posted by: gwynisin
  • Yes, most factions of Christianity stigmatize and try to reduce the amount of sexual activity.

    The rules about sexual activity vary among denominations of Christianity. But by and large, they restrict, in various ways, the type, amount, and moral judgment of sexual activity. Many churches restrict sexual activity to marriage, and some even restrict it to the purpose of procreation. Many churches restrict the use of contraception and abortion, attempting to force people to associate sex with childbearing consequences. Many churches also condemn homosexual activity. The trend is clear.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • Christianity is hostile to sexuality.

    Though it's a position many Christians will vehemently deny, it is none the less true that Christian scriptures express what can only be called a rather hostile attitude toward sex and sexuality. The apostle Paul, for example, suggests to his fellow Christians (and it is married Christians he has in mind) that they should live together celibate. The religion also shows a concern with regulating sexuality far in excess of what would be reasonable in regard to the need for it as a way to promote human welfare. Indeed, it often seeks to regulate sexual behavior in ways that diminish, rather than increase, human well-being.

    Posted by: M0ttGinger
  • Christianity is against premarital sexual activity as it is sin in their religion.

    Yes, I agree that the Christianity is against the premarital sexual activity because it is against their religion. The teachings of Christianity says that any sex before marriage and during certain period of time after the marriage is sin.
    Moreover, they also believe that using various contraceptives like condoms and morning pills is against the religion as one is killing the soul and life.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • The rules of Christianity do not prohibit sexual activity.

    Christianity does not prohibit sexual activity. In fact, Christianity encourages sexual activity. However, sexual activity is only encouraged between a married couple. Premarital sex is not encouraged and is specifically prohibited. Marital sex is not looked down upon and it is actually encouraged. Procreation is important to Christians so marital sex is supported.

    Posted by: VasilBuddy
  • I disagree that Christianity is against sexual activity as it only bars sexual activity in certain situations.

    I do not agree with the idea that Christianity is against all types of sexual activity. Christianity only bars sexual activity between unmarried and same sex individuals. These activities are considered sins and are thus denounced because the Bible requires it. Sexual activity that takes places between married adults is supported and encouraged by Christianity. Therefore, Christianity is not against all sexual activity only that activity that is considered morally wrong.

    Posted by: VampireShu
  • Christianity only opposes sexual activity outside of the marriage relationship.

    The Bible talks about the marriage relationship and sex being something that is reserved solely for marriage. Most Christians believe that in a marriage, sex can be a very fulfilling and great activity. There are plenty of Christians who do not look down on those who have sex outside of marriage. We are all sinners and it is not our right to judge anyone.

    Posted by: I33Horray
  • We are made for sex.

    God wants us to reproduce, we can only do that by sex between a man and a woman. God also wouldn't have made sex feel good if it was not to be done for purposes other than reproduction (between a man and his wife). Though we are not to commit acts of adultery, premarital sex, sodomy, homosexual sex, beastiality, sex with family, sex outside of marriage and sex with multiple partners... Humans are still made to have sex. We should respect our bodies in all things we do, including sex.

  • It's all about Self-Control and delaying gratitude.

    1 Cor 7:5 Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control

    Act 15:29 You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things. Farewell.

    A Healthy Sex life is encouraged as it keeps us from falling into sin. What is not permitted is sexual immorality. God created a man, took out from him a woman, and gave them the ability to reproduce. The act of sex is as symbolic as it is physical. The two bodies become one, just as the two can create a new life. This is Gods natural order, one that Christians (should) live by. There's nothing wrong with using a condom, or getting a vasectomy, just don't be sleeping with other women, and if you don't want kids, prevent creating them, don't eradicate them after life has been sparked. Forcing sexual parts into other parts or abandoning the "natural" relation is like slapping God in the face and that's not a good idea, when he's told us (christians) not to.

    Anyone who is not a Christian, you are free to live as you choose, just don't try to do anything with my wife or I will hurt you =)

  • Uh, no. That's the Puritans' influence.

    Read Song of Solomon if you need proof. If that's against sex, I'd hate to see what something supporting sex would look like. Meanwhile, Puritans were a major component of the people who settled America, and they were as much against sex as they could be without dying out. It's their message against sex that's coming down through the generations, not the Bible's.

  • The Lord Said "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

    Of course Christianity supports sex! There's an entire chapter in the bible pertaining to a man and a woman's love/sex life! God encourages us to have children, this is shown multiple times in the bible. But, God does not support homosexuality, beastiology, or inbred relations. But as far as natural reproduction goes, the Lord is its biggest advocate!

  • No, Chrstianity is not against sexual activity. It simply puts restrictions on what is allowed and not.

    If you read the Bible, it is not against sexuality at all. If you read the Song of Solomon it is very sexual in nature. The Bible states that sex within the bonds of marriage between a man and a woman is perfectly fine. This is very clear what is acceptable according to the Bible.

  • It

    depends on your interpretation of the question. Christianity is certainly against some sexual activity, but then again it's certainly not against all sexual activity. So the answer is difficult to determine. I think Christianity is against irresponsible and useless sexual activity, but that's just my humble opinion which bears no weight.

  • not really

    This idea comes out of america. There is actually no biblical argument for not having sex before marriage. Also, in the eastern orthodox church, the priests must be married. I think it was paul who said a the husband belongs to his wife and his wife belongs to him. So that's kinda supporting sex. Proverbs 5:15-19 and Ephesians 5:31-32 as well.

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