• Christian scripture is used to talk about what is immoral for sex.

    There are certain parts of the bible are taught as if it is immoral to pull out, masturbate, etc. Basically anything that results in a person not producing offspring. This is why certain people do think that homosexuality is a sin. Homosexuals don't pump out babies to fill up the pews.

  • Absolutely

    Human sexuality is very natural, no matter what form it's in (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual). It has been proven that it is NOT a mental illness of any kind. There are over 1,500 observed cases of homosexuality in animals, so you cannot tell me it's not natural. Now, in the bible it states to kill homosexuals. Of course Christianity is against parts of natural sexuality.

  • Christianity elevates sexuality.

    Christianity is not against sexuality. On the contrary, Christianity elevates sexuality to be something that is sacred and not casual. There's even an entire book in the Bible - the Song of Solomon - that is romantic and sexual, and it is the song about the love between a man and a woman. Sex is something that defines a bond so strong that is not to be severed, which is why it shouldn't happen out of wedlock. Sex in the right context honours and glorifies God.

  • No It Is Not

    I do not think that Christianity is against sexuality. The Bible, the book Christians follow, does not speak against sexuality at all. If a Christian is against sexuality that is their own opinion, not one that is agreed upon by all that are Christians. Many Christians have no problem with it.

  • No

    Christianity has nothing against sexuality. Some people might interpret this question to the gay and lesbians and the way nature is intended to happen but in fact homosexual acts in my opinion is a symptom or a mental illness in both humans and animals. Christianity does not intervene or is against sexuality in any way. It all depends how sensitive or some sort guilt people have in the subject

  • No, of course not!

    Christianity is not against sexuality. After all, the Lord told us to go forth and multiply, which requires our sexuality! Christianity is against, random, indiscriminate sex, but is very much for sex within the confines of marriage and love. Children are the Lord's finest blessing, and all of Christianity wishes for children for their followers.

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