• Christianity poisons everything

    Just read the biblical passages in the books of Genesis, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Samuel, as well as Matthew in the New Testament where Jesus first introduced the concepts of heaven and hell. Then refer to the book of revelation in which the craziest pictures illustrating the ending of time. In the Old Testament passages that I mentioned, they advocate misogyny, persecution and ownership of slaves, persecution and death of homosexuals. The Bible is replete with references to acts of cruelty by a God who is suppose to be loving and forgiving, and who is expected to answer prayers which can, and have never been capable of being confirmed. The who Biblical argument is absurd, because, although I can't disprove the existence of God, no one else can empirically prove that God exists. My only hope is, that all monotheistic religions be kept out of public school classroom, to do otherwise would be tantamount to child abuse.

  • Really. It is.

    In the past Christians have tortured, maimed, and murdered and raped many people in the name of god. Meanwhile we atheists has done nothing of the sort by the name of anything. But SOMEHOW, we are the evil immoral ones. THIS IS THE GREATEST LOGIC I HAVE EVER HEARD OF!

  • Just like most other religions

    Christianity today may not cause anyone to physcially hurt someone else, but like most other religions, it promotes this idea that anyone who believes in something different is "less" than they are. Even if Christians claim to be tolerant of other religions, deep down, they believe that other people are going to hell, all because they were born into the wrong religion. What a coincidence it is that the religion you were born into is the one true religion?

  • Christianity Is harmful to our society because it Continues to hinder the progress of Science

    For the past 2'000 years, Christianity has converted over 1 billion people, and when people choose to believe in a fictional figure, that leaves less people who believe in actual facts and forces our society to never grow and remain at the same level of knowledge for many more years to come.

    Where as if most people believed in fields such as Physics or biology, the advancement of our understanding of life and the universe would be tremendous. Plus people are just wasting their time spending their Sundays and much of their time praying to a fictional figure that will bring absolutely no good change.

  • Yes, It is harmful

    Many of the moral teachings of Christianity especially as they relate to sexual purity create repressed feelings of shame in those that don’t follow the rules.

    Christianity also promotes a philosophy of belief without evidence. It erodes our cultures ability to discern what is provably true and what is not.

  • It's bigotry and hatred wrapped up in a bow.

    The most popular religions in the world use terroristic threats to control what we think and do. If we don't believe, We might be burn in hell for an eternity.
    Extortionist demands that we do X or pay X. In return for our compliance, Extortionist will protect us from himself or his thug.
    He could protect us, But he won't, Unless we do what he demands.
    Yes, That's harmful.

  • Of course it is.

    Christians have done many horrible and disturbing things over the years which proves how mentally ill they are.Any person who believes an old book of fairy tales and magic in the hope that it will help them in life is a fool.Anyone who thinks only christians are going to some magic place in the sky and everyone else will rot in some oven type world needs help because that is very harmful.

  • No it isn't

    These people are using what the catholic church, a pagan institution, did, and passing it off as Christianity, you can see the flaw here.
    A t h e i s t s h a v e c h e e s e f o r b r a i n s

  • People are harmful

    Like any institution, Christianity is made up of people, good and bad, some who genuinely believe in love and acceptance, some who are using the system for their own purposes (greed or control or so on) or, perhaps worst of all, using christian dogma as a way to justifying their own hatred towards certain groups (such as women, homosexuals, people of certain other race or religion and so on). Even though I am an atheist, I understand that current day Christianity is meant to be based on love, understanding, redemption and acceptance, whoever, there are those who use Christianity for the wrong purposes. Blame the people within the religion, not the religion itself.

  • No, Christianity in general is not harmful.

    Christianity in itself is not a harmful practice or religion. The only time that it may be viewed as harmful is when people misrepresent the Christian way of love. God is all loving and is not out there to harm anyone in the Christian faith. Therefore Christianity is not harmful at all.

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