• Yes, Christianity is on the decline

    For a handful of reasons, Christianity is trending downward. The number of religious people in the United States is dropping, this current generation embraces science much more than faith. There are vocal members of Christianity that come off as extremely intolerant, the push for gay marriage has not helped the Christian image.

    With those things said, they don't speak for all Christians, and Christianity is not in danger of being "wiped out." That will probably never happen, it just won't see the numbers of followers it used to.

  • Christianity Is On The Decline

    There is a plethora of evidence and statistics that show that religion is on the decline. I don't really see how anyone can debate this. I would love to see someone give evidence against my claim. This sentence is only to fill the word count and des. Sdf.



  • Yes, Christianity is Most Certainly on the Decline.

    We're moving towards a more secular environment. Anyone that says otherwise is fooling themselves. The rate in which Atheism is climbing is staggering. The children of today have the Internet, and can look this stuff up, they can read up all the atrocities of the Bible and realize that that Christianity is and religion in general, is horrible and brutal. In 200 years, Christianity will have faded away, and a new religion will take its place.

    Sad but true. But the religions of today will fade away, and that is a positive thing. Hell, perhaps these new religions in the future will be viewed as cults. I wish Christianity today was mocked like that.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-10-05T02:57:17.580
A spiritually unhealthy environment (modern day America) is bound to produce spiritually unhealthy individuals. Nobody should be surprised by this.