• Of course, because it is true

    The idea could even be stated in a more controversial way "Is it possible for Christianity to be false?" The answer is that "It is impossible for Christianity to be false." If it were false then we would not be able to comprehend the world as we know it, our reality would be irrational and our existence unknowable. But clearly we do have all those experiences that also testify to the existence of God.

  • Anything can be possible

    While some parts of the Bible seem unrealistic, the message is still there and who's to say That God does not exist when we can't even prove other wise. Christianity will always have believers and thus in it self, it is possible. This question is very vague so I'm just saying yes on the principle of Religion.

  • Well, this comes down to personal belief.

    In a symbolic aspect, I believe that Genesis is scientifically possible if one viewed evolution on its foundation. There were two trees: The tree of knowledge. The other was Darwin's tree- the tree of life. The fruit was intelligence itself, not a food. So what if it is personal belief?

  • Think outside the box

    Technically, unless you were there, you can't prove anything impossible. You can say there is overwhelming evidence against the fact that it exists, but that doesn't make it impossible. Impossible means there is no possible way it could have happened. Though it is extremely unlikely, scientists and historians could have lied about evolution, the big bang and all that other stuff. Though I know that is so unlikely it's not worth discussing, it could technically still happen making Christianity not impossible.

  • Christianity is full of doubts

    It would be impossible and unrealistic for noah's family to build a huge ark and be able to get every animal on earth on board.Also , I doubt Jesus's powers as described in the Bible, although i do not doubt his existence.For long , the church told followers that the the sun revolves around the Earth , but Galileo proved the Church wrong.Scientific studies have proved mankind evolved from our cousins , the chimpanzees.So god is NOT the creator of Man.If God is able to revive people , why do christians die?

  • The Bible Is Not Believable

    The Bible is absolutely implausible. Is it possible that exactly 2 animals of every species were loaded onto Noah's Ark. Is it possible that a flood destroyed all of the world? Is it possible that all of humanity started with only Adam and Eve? If this is true, humans would have almost no genetic diversity and would easily be wiped out by diseases. Overall, I would say I do not dislike Christianity. I only dislike how one is forced to believe every part of the Bible. Thank you.

  • As Possible As the Impossible

    Christianity is built on the impossible: a virgin getting pregnant magically. It's automatically illogical. The only way one could believe the story is if they momentarily shut off their reasoning.

    Too many excuses have to be made to go around plenty of other things that are in support of Christianity. It's a mess.

  • Science, Logic, and History Do Not Support Christianity.

    Because of the knowledge modern scientists possess now, many now are atheists. There is a reason for this. Many scientific theories go against the word of the Bible. One example that comes to mind is the theory of evolution. It completely goes against the story of Adam and Eve, and God's process of creating the universe in general. In response, Christians have adopted two different strategies toward science: argue with it, which is counterintuitive and silly, or accept it and fill in the blanks with using the Bible. But this is equally silly. As our knowledge of the universe grows and grows, the holes shrink. It is illogical to pick and choose what parts of the Bible are true and false.
    Furthermore, history and logic go against the possibility of Christianity. Back when Ancient Greece was a powerful civilization, they believed in many gods, as did the Egyptians. The early Romans also had a polytheistic religion, until they converted into Christians. This shows how unrealistic and impossible all religions are. Polytheism has become a somewhat outdated belief system, especially in western culture. Who is to say the Egyptians were wrong, and Christians were right? If history really does repeat itself, then we will see Christianity overtaken by a different religion. As for logically, there is nothing logical about Christianity. Christianity is based on blind faith. It is a faith that is dependent upon where you were born, and who birthed you. This faith is formed as a child, when you are told, "Seeing is not always believing." But as you grew up, you found out the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny don't exist. Oh, but don't worry, God is real. Seeing may not be believing, but most likely it is the truth. Even if something is not directly observable, like gravity, observations should be gathered in order to draw conclusions, like objects falling, tides changing, etc. We all learned at a relatively young age blind faith is a process that does not work.

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