• Yes it has to be so.

    By definition sadomasochism is the giving and/or receiving of pleasure—often sexual—from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. The bible says to love God and to fear God in other words love is pleasure and fear is often humiliation through suffering. To be a good Christian is to fear what you love. In closing I would like to add that God is imaginary.

  • It Does Seem to Have a Lot of the Same Features...

    Christianity has a lot of features that make it comparable to sadomasochism. First of all, they are obsessed with sex and sexual behaviors and sexual purity. Pastors and priests are always going on about the right and the wrong ways to have sex. Second of all, Christianity is so preoccupied with the idea of reward and punishment. The detail in which these punishments and hellish tortures are described is insane and could easily have been taken out of a smutty BDSM book.

  • Sadomasochism IS Religion!

    Sadomasochism is the liking towards a slave-master relationship. There, It's finished. Not satisfied? Well, Theists fear God yet love him, That sounds sadomasochism! Theists believe in a God which punishes them for immoral (Immoral just to God) acts and reward for moral (Moral just to God) acts. That is indeed slave-master relationship; case closed. The End!

  • Sadomasochism is religion

    The belief that God is omnipresent and will punish us whence we do wrong thing (Relative to him) is in itself wrong. It is what religion is, Humans wanting a god in the end to punish them for their bad deeds and reward us for our "good" works (Good is a very relative term). Sadomasochism does not need to be a lustful fetish for a master-slave relationship; rather, Just the idea of having a master whom punishes another party is sadomasochism. The theists fear God yet loves him? That is the definition of sadomasochism. Stop denying the obvious truth that it is!

  • Christianity's main object of worship (the crucifixion) is a man being tortured to death, nailed to a cross!

    What sort of psychology would make people want to worship human sacrifice? An aberrant mental state: namely, sadistic and masochistic. Call me pagan but I think it is far more wholesome and healthy to worship trees!!! Every time I see a crucifix, I feel ill and nauseated by the cruelty.

  • The Dopamine Rush

    For what may be a majority of people in the world, the sensation derived from submission to an all-powerful authority is a euphoric thrill akin to a narcotic fix. This impulse manifests in both sexual and religious behavior. Self-flagellating Christian monks and customers of kinky dominatrix prostitutes aren't so very different in their impulses or in their behavior. The slave-master relationship and the impulse toward sadomasochism is well understood by psychology. I also can't help noticing that the 60% who take the "yes" side of this debate are secular while the 40% who took the "no" side are all defending their religion.

  • You feel unworthy of his love.

    You are constantly asking for forgiveness so he doesn't punish you. While at the same time asking for his love. He threatens you constantly; Don't worship any other God's, Don't forsake me, I will make you burn forever if you do, but I love you now go get other's to bow before me. To fear and love me.

  • Christianity is the belief that you are so bad that you made God kill himself.

    Can you be a christian with out believing that you are so evil you need to be punished for eternity? That every human is so bad that to clean your slate an innocent person had to die. How is that not masochism?
    Colossians 3:22 "Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.

  • Religion is not metaphysics, it's a human social hierarchy...

    Stop believing what religion says, and look at what it actually is and does. It is a large group of primates gathering together and displaying social dominance and submission. A pack of monkeys playing social status games, developing and reinforcing social hierarchy. That on its own might be acceptable, but in practice we see consistent abuse in many regards, including a strong master-servant relationship, and ritualized gestures of submission. If it's not sadomasochism literally, it's close enough figuratively, and reprehensible enough generally, to object to.

  • Sadomasochism isn't just about love and sex

    A good Christian should always ask their master (god) before doing anything, even thinking. If you don't like the word "Sadomasochism", try "master-slave relationship". Your ultimate duty in life is to worship god. Your faith is your shackles.

    "M-m-master, please forgive me for I've sinned"
    "M-m-master, I'll be your slave eternally"

    It's only in Islam where the slave relationship towards their supernatural master is stricter than in Christianity.

  • No

    I believe it's quite the opposite referring to the topic of this argument. Sadomasochism is giving or receiving pleasure often of a sexual act. The Christianity belief is that Christians should refrain and do quite the opposite of the definition of sadomasochism. Christians are in the believe of a man and a woman and not that of the referred subject

  • How are Christianity and Sadomasochism even related?

    As a strong Christian, I am shocked to even see these two words compared.... Christianity is about love, ultimately. Not a sexual kind of love, but selfless love; a relationship with the Son of God, who, without hesitation died for humankind, for the forgiveness of sin, healing, and salvation. Christians are supposed to, in turn, show the love that we have been shown by Jesus to others who don't know him. By definition Christianity and Sadomasochism are nothing alike.

  • What the Bible Says

    "... Fear is often humiliation through suffering." When the Bible says to fear God, it means "Obey God." It also says that when you sin sexually, you sin against your own body. "The detail...Could have easily been taken out of a smutty BDSM book." No, they were absolutely not. It's in the Bible that sex is to be an expression of love, affection, passion, gentleness, selflessness, and commitment, which is the real reason why sexual purity is a key value in Christianity. In BDSM, the dominant partner restrains the submissive and evidently harms them. It is a no-brainer that such things do not express commitment, love, affection, passion, selflessness, commitment, or gentleness.

  • No, it isn't

    There have been some sects which practiced physical self punishment, but that is far from the norm in Christianity. Christianity is supposed to be about love and the relationship between the person and God, there is not supposed to be anything sadist or masochistic about it at all. It is a strange comparison to draw.

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