Is Christianity superior to other religions and scriptures?

  • Christianity is the only religion, where God is reaching to man

    All others are man trying to reach God and none have any success. This religion is a peace loving religion and not like others who are advocating to kill other humans. If you believe in Christ you will receive eternal salvation and you can be free from devil's captivity. Believe in Jesus

  • Yes.

    This is really kind of a stupid question. All Christians are going to vote yes and non-Christians will vote no. Your view of whether or not Christianity is superior depends entirely on your religion and whether or not you think your religion is the right one. Who thinks of questions like this? This site is just being spammed by tons of stupid and meaningless questions. Blah blah blah.

  • Historically, Prophetically, and Scientifically

    Historically, the Bible was written across 1500 years by 40 different authors without contradiction. Major archeological discoveries have been made on its basis, with no contradictions or falsities. Jesus has more supporting (extra biblical) evidence of Hid existence than Julius Caesar. Nearly the entire Bible in its current form can be verified through early AD quotations for the New Testament and the Dead Sea scrolls for the Old Testament.

    Prophetically, there are numerous reasons to believe the Bible. Most important is Daniel 9, which declares that 69 7 year periods will transpire between when a commandment to rebuild Jerusalem's walls goes out and when the Messiah will be cut off, but not for himself. Xerxes made the command approximately 450BC, which is historically verified. About 483 years later, Jesus was crucified.

    Scientifically, the Bible was accurate in things such as worldwide flood (multiple flood accounts in cultures worldwide, 90% of earth's crust is sedimentary), ocean currents existence (refers to the paths of the deep), and the circular nature of the world (compassed about and encircled the world, also, picks distance of east to west instead of north to south. Head north, and you'll eventually head south...Head east and you'll never head west)

  • jesus is unique

    The bible says ; 'He who is from above is above all'....That statement is quite clear.....This makes jesus , who is the son of God and hence from'above' not only superior in his Person but unique.....We are directed to look to jesus the person not just to follow his teachings, this cannot be said of any other religious founder, if we were to look to mohammed, or, joseph smith or ellen g white what would we see.....But when we look to jesus we see the perfectly sinless son of God....The 3rd person of the Trinity....That makes chistianity superior.

  • It is a relationship with the Creator of the universe, not a religion!

    To be a Christian you have to believe in a Creator, not that we are all are a result of some great cosmic explosion. When you accept that we and all we know are a part of a creation, if follows that there is a Creator. Connecting with the Creator is superior to all other relationships!

  • They Both Can't be True

    If Jesus Christ is truly God incarnate, as he said he was, the Church that was founded by God must be superior to the churches founded by men.

    If other religions teach things that are contrary to what God has revealed to us those religions must be wrong.

    If these are not true, I don't know why I'm still working so hard to live a good Christian life, a life which even Christ himself admitted is not easy to live.

  • No, no religion is superior.

    You only believe your religion because you were either born into it, or you converted for lifestyle reasons, or maybe just highly influenced by the religion. I know someone who always says there religion is true no matter what others say. I think "Well thats also what the other person probably thinks too?"

  • Coming from a Christian...I say no.

    I am a Christian, and yes I love my religion and think it's great. But it is not superior to other religions. Where do people get off saying their religion is better than someone else's? That's just so arrogant and a not really a good thing to say. When we start thinking we are better than other people is when problems begin to arise.

  • As stated by some... No religion is superior

    I agree with Wolfsbane23 and the others, I'm a Catholic, my girlfriend is a Born Again Christian, we are having these little arguments on our religions, she would say that Catholics are this and that... I would say that "is your religion superior than mine for you to criticize it?" and I would follow up that no matter what religion you're in, there is no superior religion.

  • No.

    I am a Christian, a full pledged one. There is no such thing as a superior religion. We are entitled to our own set of beliefs, and guess what, we have commonalities! We have the Bible, the Muslims have the Kor'an. We both believe in the existence of a "Superior Being". So in my point of view, there is no superior religion. I love my religion, I respect others', I engage myself on researching about other religion. I rest my case.

  • No, superior?

    This is an odd debate. I'm not even sure of how many of my Christian friends could even answer "yes" with full conviction. Belief is something that is felt on an individual basis, and while it can be felt in a manor that is "superior" to other feelings, it isn't something that you can quantify for all the world. Now, I'm not Christian, and I don't think that it's belief system is the best in place for the advancement of society at this point in time, but I do see the power that the Christian church has had over worldviews, especially in the last few hundreds of years. An odd debate.

  • No, Not Superior

    No, Christianity is not superior to other religions and scriptures. Regardless of what an organized religious group calls itself, it still believes in an omnipotent being that is worshipped by the group’s followers. All religions have this common thread. All other bells and whistles are just “window dressing”. Taking religion down to this basic level makes you understand that there are no real tangible differences between religions. Scriptures are old enough, and have been handled by so many scholars, interpreters, and scribes that one cannot be absolutely sure that the text is complete or authentic. Again, most scriptures have common threads in a flood of a very large area and instruction that it is wrong to kill. There is enough commonality between religions and scriptures that none can or should be labeled as superior.

  • Stating that one religion is superior to others directly leads to religion-based wars and oppression of other opinions

    No, Christianity is not superior to other religions and scriptures. You know, the only true difference between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is a sharp disagreement over who God’s last true prophet was. If you are a Jew, it is one of those Old Testament dudes. If you are a Christian, it was Jesus Christ. If you are a Muslim, Mohammed was the last true prophet. I’m not counting all the other offshoots of the major religions of course. No, God is beyond the comprehension of man and thus beyond the scope of any one religious doctrine or organization. God reveals his mysteries to us in many ways.

  • No religion is superior to any other religion

    I do not feel that Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, is superior to other religions and scriptures. Each religion has its own merits and belief systems which should not be viewed as better or worse than any other religion. Religious superiority is a terrible concept that has led to countless wars, deaths and tragedies that were otherwise completely unnecessary.

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