• Of Course it is.

    There is archaeological evidence for God, which makes him true. If there is no true religion then what created the world? Lots of people's answer say well 2 stars crashed into each other. Well what created the stars? If you go to this website there is plenty of examples of actually evidence for Christ. Lastly if my answer still isn't clear then go to your nearest book store and get a Bible and turn to Hebrews 2:17-18 , and there states Jesus is the only true God. You could also look at Revelation 22:13 and 22:16 and there is also evidence. If that isn't clear enough I don't know what is.

  • No definitely not

    As an atheist, I think all religions are equally as strange. However, I do accept the fact that people will still believe, no matter what my opinions are.
    No religion is the "true" religion. They are all different, and absolutely none of them can be considered "more correct" than another, because the cold hard fact is that none of them are real.

  • This is a faulty question

    With this hundreds and hundreds of religions out there, let alone of the cults. To say one is the right or true one is absurd. This question could easily be rebranded as, "Is Islam the true religion" or "is Judaism the true religion"I'm personally on the fence on this issue. But questions like this are not for debates

  • Not a chance

    The reason that I don't believe that Christianity can claim to be the one "true" religion is because no religion has even come close to giving me a shred of real evidence of their god. The Ken Ham v. Bill Nye debate is a good example of bad Creationist evidence.

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SocialistAtheistNutjob says2014-07-30T01:27:54.930
Regarding my explanation to my answer, I welcome any Christian to try and convince me to change my views.
Vere_Mendacium says2014-07-30T02:36:38.177
Is there such thing as a true religion, let alone the concept of truth?