• Yummy yummy curry

    I think curry is yummy because it gos in your mo0uth and it tastes like food yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy curry lily gos out with corgan and they eat curry together at there wedding there is going to be a curry fountain you spooky bitches yummy yummy curry

  • Christmas is way too commercialized

    All I see during Christmas time now is greedy money hungry blood sucking leeches parading around town going crazy with buying useless gifts that people/kids may play/use for a couple months ands that’s it. All the tacky decorations make me want to vomit, Specifically the Rudolph decor on cars. I just want to shoot out there tires. Christmas is about the birth of Christ and that’s it, Nothing else. Instead of going around and trampling people to death at Walmart like on Black Friday, We should all be helping the needy. I know there are some good people out there that do have their priorities together, Who do these good things like helping people in need during Christmas, And I thank you all for your generosity and kindness, But there are far too many morons in the world, And they seem to be increasing in number every year, Who lose their minds during Christmas and act like idiots, Pepper spraying people so they can get some stupid toy for there kid. I love the true meaning of Christmas but I hate this time of year because the true meaning in our culture now seems to have faded away. I can’t wait until January.

  • Christmas is too Commercialized

    Are you blind? Christmas is the one that everyone does in the hole wide world. Easter is bunnies and eggs. HOW exciting. Christmas is the biggest Commercialized thing in the world. You buy a tree, Lights, Decorations, Food, GIFTS, Etc. The kids Christmas list "Oh Santa I WANT a new phone, I NEED an Apple Airpods, I'll WEAR my Gucci clothing you'll get me. " BS. People in this corrupted society has lost the true meaning of Christmas thanks to society, Super expensive companies saying you should buy this and our FAMOUS stupid celebrities too. The true meaning of Christmas is not getting but giving SPIRITUALLY. Helping out the Poor, Feed the hungry, Cloth the naked, Being nice, Love your enemies. That's what Christmas is. Then why would have Jesus came to get gifts NO! He came to save us from evil. Why doesn't society show this part of Christmas, Because It doesn't make them MONEY. They want your money, Not your love.

  • Yes it is

    Every single time I go to a website, Youtube videos, Public places I see a Christmas Ad saying "Can't celebrate Christmas without Coca-Cola. " Apple giving "Special" deals and it's still 1, 000 dollars. Christmas Is the greatest moneymaker in the history of holidays. I don't need to spend a ton of money just to show my love to my loved ones.

  • Guess what bies

    There is no such food in the world 🌍 this year the government will continue the fight for a long and two hours a month and to get a good deal in America to the most significant and less of people in the country and in Europe he is not the most loyal people to ever say to the president and the people. Because you know.

  • Christmas has become too commercialized

    I agree that Christmas is becoming too commercialized. Christmas is supposed to be happy and having fun with your family, But these years all I see on TV, YouTube or other stuff are all these useless adds. They’re using Christmas too sell random stuff that can be very expensive to buy. What if kids see something really cool on a add and it costs like 1, 000 baht, You buy it and then it doesn’t work. On the other hand, Many people spend so much on presents. A lot of people say that it isn’t Christmas without presents. Though Christmas is not about presents. Presents can cause harm to people as well as the environment. Using all that wrapping paper on presents for your entire family. Its just hard to think about all the trees being cut down and all that carbon dioxide being let out into the air to make plastic.

  • Black Friday rush

    It is a holy day but we are berated with sales, The need to put up hundreds of dollars worth of decorations, Sending out cards. The wrong person is getting the birthday gifts. We strain to think of what our relatives and friends can use or like, Forgetting that in two months we need to figure out our income tax.

  • Fake People going through the Motions!

    People, Coworkers AND family members barely even speak to one another all during the year. Some don't even call to tell you Happy Birthday when its your birthday. Then when Christmas comes around then all of a sudden its time to buy gifts for the people who barely even speak to you during the year just because that is what society is doing. Everything is soooo Fake and Robotic!

  • Yes it is

    Christmas is just wasting money and it is very frenzy of shopping and wrapping gifts is very stressful. And Christmas is the time to celebrate Jesus birthday and bringing joy to everyone not spending money on gift that are going to throw away after few years or maybe few week Or month.

  • It is commercialized

    However Christmas is a day of Jesus Christ of birthday. Christian celebrate this day happily. Near Christmas, There are lots of stuff selling and present. Also don't believe Santa and Rudolph is alive it is a myth. It is too commercialized however this day is related to religion so for me I don't think it is commercialized that much. As a result I agree that it is commercialized due to religion celebration I disagree on the other hand.

  • I say no m,ore to this social injustice!!!

    In my opinion, Easter is much more about money and profit. Christmas is a long lasting tradition. Companies manipulate and take advantage of young innocent souls and pressure them into buying chocolate eggs during Easter. At least Christmas has a religious message that is adhered to unlike the stupidity that is the Easter story.

  • No it's is not

    We can't help it the fact that we spend too much money on Christmas we just want to make our kids happy because we fear if we do not get what they want then we will let them down, we still do celebrate Christmas with family but not all people are religious.

  • Christmas spirit and thanksgiving

    Christmas is not a huge commercialising, commercialising gets you dreagged into the Christmas spirit. some commercials have gifts that you won't to buy for your family members. Or some ideas of some your decorations or some embellishments for your Christmas tree or your functiom. This would be a great opportunity for all of us to have fun enjoy your presents. They might be some competitions you would like to join in I think It would be a great opportunity

  • There is no true 'meaning of Christmas' anyway

    For starters, I don't agree that Christmas is all about presents, because people still value spending time with their family. Large family meals are still popular. Most people stay in with their families on Christmas Day. While the religious element is now less relevant, the religious element was always false. It was simply a means of instilling Christian ideals to the Pagan Solstice festival. The meaning of Christmas has changed over time, but to say that it's too commercial is strange when companies can only promote products because people still want to give others gifts, to show how much you appreciate them.

  • It is what you make it.

    You can choose what to focus on during Christmas. There is fun in purchasing gifts for those who you love and for those who are in need. One of the problems is that buying gifts is becoming more and more difficult for those who need nothing that you can afford. With so many using the credit card there is a culture of instantaneous gratification which does not wait for Christmas to get what one wants. So, Christmas can be too commercial if we see it as what we will receive for ourselves, but it is also a time when we can focus on giving to those who have a need.

  • It is but we can't help it

    Christmas is way too commercialized, incredibly but we just can't help it. In our generation, people care about the presents and always anticipate this holiday. It's not like they only care about the presents either, it's more of the essence of the holiday spirit i guess. I mean what do you expect, Christmas has escalated to be such a big holiday and so what business wouldn't try to cease the opportunity. You can't expect a business or something to not ride the 'Christmas spirit' to sell and such. I for one think it's too commercialized also, I cringe when I start seeing Christmas items on sale when it's still October/November but then again, I also enjoy the whole presents and gathering together feel of Christmas because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the actual day. I acknowledge that Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus and that its about the love and care but we can also see this through the buying of presents and the gathering of family. So what I'm trying to say is that Christmas is far too commercialized but there are positive points to it...

  • No way Jose!!!

    In my opinion, Easter is much more about money and profit. Christmas is a long lasting tradition. Companies manipulate and take advantage of young innocent souls and pressure them into buying chocolate eggs during Easter. At least Christmas has a religious message that is adhered to unlike the stupidity that is the Easter story.

  • Christmas is not commercialized

    Christmas is a time where people and generations come together celebrating together. Where the presence of being love and getting attention is available with the love of family. Its of many belief and surprise to give another a present ,perhaps something the person truly wants even though its expensive they buy it for them to be happy. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and everyone should have a bless time ,enjoying each moment because Christmas is once in a year!
    Written by: Aleem pashaw

  • Present promote generosity

    Christmas is a time of giving and what way to promote generosity and sharing then to buy gifts for loved one. Decorations to put up together, and presents to enjoy together. Christmas is about family and enjoying the holiday together, but presents and gifts do not prevent that. If anything they promote that.

  • It is not too commercialized.

    It was stolen from the pagan winter equinox celebration, so technically does not belong to any religion, and should as a result be open to interpretation. Also, it's not the fault of shops advertising their stuff, because they are just doing their jobs and should not be prevented form it.

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