• Yes so much

    Last year I had to sell half my belonging trying to find the money to pay for gifs so that people will not think of me as poor or tite fisted because that's all that matters. Some people would rather i did not come but my present did, Too me coming but without my present for them.

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  • It's all about gifts. . .

    It seems as if Christmas has turned into buying gifts just to show how much you appreciate someone. Being someone who cannot afford presents (I can barely pay my rent) I can't help but feel like a disappointment, And feel like others feel as if I don't care about them simply because I did not adhere to these unreasonable requirements to purchase gifts! It also seems like presents have become a core staple of Christmas. . Advertisements, Present exchanges, Etc. When people think of Christmas they think of gifts.

  • I feel like scrooge. And I can't help it.

    I just don't like Christmas anymore. I feel as if I am being forced to celebrate something I no longer enjoy. I always have such a hard time getting in the spirit of Christmas. This year I actually got weepy about it. And cut back on decorating. I am being forced to go shopping on December 24 because I haven't finished getting my family's gifts. I also worry about the cost I will not say why. I will be happy when Christmas is over. It's just too much!

  • Not appreciating what you already have

    Christmas has not only become overly commercialized but it has also become a "competition" on who can get the best and most expensive presents. If you already have a roof over your head, Food to eat and clothes to wear, You are ahead of many less fortunate people in this world. Why is not appreciating what you already have a bad thing? Take the money you are going to spend on things you or the other people in your lives don't "need" and use it to buy food and clothes for those who have no home, No bed to sleep, No food to eat. Children get too spoiled at Christmas and with all the new technology, What kid actually believes in Santa? So, If you really want to give a gift to child, Teach the child how to give to others. In summary, People today make less important things important and lose focus on why we celebrate Christmas, The birth of Jesus Christ

  • Totally commercialized!

    Christmas is a total con and advertisement of it starts in August! A big build up for 1 single day in the year when people are pressured into buying crap that people do not want or need. It will all end up in a huge landfill. Banks and retailers make a killing out of idiots who cannot see they are being conned!

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  • Yes it is

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  • It ruins it for the poorer families.

    Everybody saying that's it's your choice to buy so much clearly has never had any issues with money. For example my family wasn't too poor and I was happy on christmas day and had a great time. But then going back to school and people asked me what I got and I happily told them. However it would never be enough things and it would never be the right things. And I'd get made fun of because of it. They would have things like a new laptop and a new phone and I'd have neither or I'd have one worse version which I again I loved until the other kids told me how rubbish it was. So it parents under pressure that they just don't need. They don't need to be judged by other families and they don't need to stress if they can afford presents and a good christmas meal and pay for travel or more food depending on who's hosting. Never mind getting into the excessive advent calendars, Decorations etc.

  • Christmas is losing its meaning.

    Call me old fashioned but traditionally it was to celebrate the birth of Christ. Historically people were more religious and it was a loving time where friends and family collaborated to celebrate the birth of Christ with good food and drink.

    Now it is just an excuse for commercialism and competitiveness among retailers.

  • I say no m,ore to this social injustice!!!

    In my opinion, Easter is much more about money and profit. Christmas is a long lasting tradition. Companies manipulate and take advantage of young innocent souls and pressure them into buying chocolate eggs during Easter. At least Christmas has a religious message that is adhered to unlike the stupidity that is the Easter story.

  • No it's is not

    We can't help it the fact that we spend too much money on Christmas we just want to make our kids happy because we fear if we do not get what they want then we will let them down, we still do celebrate Christmas with family but not all people are religious.

  • Christmas spirit and thanksgiving

    Christmas is not a huge commercialising, commercialising gets you dreagged into the Christmas spirit. some commercials have gifts that you won't to buy for your family members. Or some ideas of some your decorations or some embellishments for your Christmas tree or your functiom. This would be a great opportunity for all of us to have fun enjoy your presents. They might be some competitions you would like to join in I think It would be a great opportunity

  • There is no true 'meaning of Christmas' anyway

    For starters, I don't agree that Christmas is all about presents, because people still value spending time with their family. Large family meals are still popular. Most people stay in with their families on Christmas Day. While the religious element is now less relevant, the religious element was always false. It was simply a means of instilling Christian ideals to the Pagan Solstice festival. The meaning of Christmas has changed over time, but to say that it's too commercial is strange when companies can only promote products because people still want to give others gifts, to show how much you appreciate them.

  • It is what you make it.

    You can choose what to focus on during Christmas. There is fun in purchasing gifts for those who you love and for those who are in need. One of the problems is that buying gifts is becoming more and more difficult for those who need nothing that you can afford. With so many using the credit card there is a culture of instantaneous gratification which does not wait for Christmas to get what one wants. So, Christmas can be too commercial if we see it as what we will receive for ourselves, but it is also a time when we can focus on giving to those who have a need.

  • It is but we can't help it

    Christmas is way too commercialized, incredibly but we just can't help it. In our generation, people care about the presents and always anticipate this holiday. It's not like they only care about the presents either, it's more of the essence of the holiday spirit i guess. I mean what do you expect, Christmas has escalated to be such a big holiday and so what business wouldn't try to cease the opportunity. You can't expect a business or something to not ride the 'Christmas spirit' to sell and such. I for one think it's too commercialized also, I cringe when I start seeing Christmas items on sale when it's still October/November but then again, I also enjoy the whole presents and gathering together feel of Christmas because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the actual day. I acknowledge that Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus and that its about the love and care but we can also see this through the buying of presents and the gathering of family. So what I'm trying to say is that Christmas is far too commercialized but there are positive points to it...

  • No way Jose!!!

    In my opinion, Easter is much more about money and profit. Christmas is a long lasting tradition. Companies manipulate and take advantage of young innocent souls and pressure them into buying chocolate eggs during Easter. At least Christmas has a religious message that is adhered to unlike the stupidity that is the Easter story.

  • Christmas is not commercialized

    Christmas is a time where people and generations come together celebrating together. Where the presence of being love and getting attention is available with the love of family. Its of many belief and surprise to give another a present ,perhaps something the person truly wants even though its expensive they buy it for them to be happy. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and everyone should have a bless time ,enjoying each moment because Christmas is once in a year!
    Written by: Aleem pashaw

  • Present promote generosity

    Christmas is a time of giving and what way to promote generosity and sharing then to buy gifts for loved one. Decorations to put up together, and presents to enjoy together. Christmas is about family and enjoying the holiday together, but presents and gifts do not prevent that. If anything they promote that.

  • It is not too commercialized.

    It was stolen from the pagan winter equinox celebration, so technically does not belong to any religion, and should as a result be open to interpretation. Also, it's not the fault of shops advertising their stuff, because they are just doing their jobs and should not be prevented form it.

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