Is Christmas better than Easter and Halloween

Asked by: bvc
  • All the festivities

    People don't really get together on Halloween, do they? And Easter is just a watered down version of Christmas!

    Who doesn't remember the giant turkey, the Christmas cookies, and dad's yule log that requires a chainsaw to cut. The kids will have so much more fun without killer clowns waiting behind every corner.

  • Christmas is much more fun

    In my opinion,Easter and Halloween are very enjoyable holidays. But when you get onto the subject of Christmas you literally jump for joy. At Christmas Jesus is born,which is very important to us Christians. Not only is the religious side of it significant,but the whole holiday. It is a time for family,presents and joy.

    Posted by: bvc
  • One but not the other

    From a Christians perspective Passover (incorrectly translated Easter {once}) Is in the core teaching of the Bible and Salvation. Without the Death and resurrection there would be no remittance for sin and we would all be bound under the law of Moses.

    Halloween is pure paganism (Druidism to be more accurate) and has no place in a Christians life let alone celebrations.

    Christmas is great in so much as it exults the birth of Jesus (when people are not worshiping Santa Claus) The major fault in this practice however, is that Jesus is reverted back to a helpless baby and looked on as nothing more than an dependent of Mary. What he accomplished is far greater than how he was born. There for, I would say that Passover is the greater holiday.

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