• The best Written

    The reason Nolan's Batman works is because it takes the very concept of Batman, a "human being" being able to accumulate various skills and techniques... And make them plausible. He's smart, but not "1200-steps-ahead-of-everyone-in-existence" brilliant. He's skilled in combat, but he won't cause you to become impotent, paraplegic and vegetative simply by touching your thumb in a particular spot.

    He's better than the average crime fighter, but he's going to make mistakes. He's not a Gary Stu, which is pretty much what virtually every comic writer since Frank Miller's 1985 Dark Knight Returns graphic Novel has depicted him as in virtually every medium of entertainment.

  • Astounding Story line is completely unrivaled

    The difference in Nolan's Batman from other superheros in general. The villainous charters are about the ideology not the individual. Nolan's Batman puts into question that core truths/values are mostly ignored by "people" however are absolute. The movie questions the motives of mankind, through audacity of its villain's motives and actions. One scene in the Dark Night makes it clear, the Joker is not really a person, but an idea. When detained he had no fingerprints, I.D, history and so on. There are hundreds of little nuances within the movie that most people overlook, but after watching more than once, they become apparent as to the message.

    The message is some absolute truths people choose to ignore, marginalize or rewrite and cover up over will ware away, only to expose that absolute truth, which in fact, never fades away.

    While nothing is ever perfect, the thought provoking depth these Nolan's charters needed to have far surpassed most of the superficial superhero movies. This was a deep, and often dark reflection of humanities ills. Amazing trilogy, and I hated all superhero movies before this one.

  • He is definitely the best version of Batman that has been made to this date, comics or otherwise.

    Nolan's version of Batman is considered by some to be "de-powered" from his comic roots, as well as compared to some other incarnations. I tend to look at him as the most "realistic" depiction of the character, not due of the lack of supernatural/fantastical elements in Nolan's universe, but due to the fact that the entire basis of Batman from his roots is that he's an incredibly smart, skilled and resourceful "Human being". Despite his impressive prowess, he is still supposed to be a representation of the human perspective (at least from a physical standpoint) in a world that requires him to go to the limit.

    However, in the comics and virtually every other incarnation of the character to date, Batman is shown performing feats that 'NO' human, no matter how skilled or durable, should be even remotely capable of doing; from pummeling super-powered beings such as Superman, Darkseid and Mongul, to receiving insane amounts of punishment from those same beings and walking away with only some bruises or, at worst, a few broken bones, all the while wearing nothing but a cloth batsuit.

    In reality, those encounters should have reduced his entire frame into an unrecognizable pile of chunky salsa. Hell, some legit super-powered beings from those comics haven't been able to withstand as much punishment as he has It's one thing to avoid the damage, but it's another to walk from a beating like that virtually unscathed.

    Bale's Batman may be the first one to ever get the physics of the character right, in a way that doesn't require one to suspend their disbelief to immeasurable levels.

    Nolan's Batamn de-powered? Nope, all the others are just ridiculously overpowered.

  • Yes, Nolan's batman was the best .

    Yes, I believe that Christopher Nolan's batman was the best, which can be seen by how much the movie made. Since the movie made so much money, not just in the United States but also internationally, it should be viewed as the best Batman movie ever, even better than the original Batman movie and TV show.

  • Yes, he is the best of the movie versions of Batman.

    Christopher Nolan's Batman is grounded in reality. Both the acting and story are well done and don't reflect the campy nature of Burton's and Shumacher's versions of Batman. Leaving out the argument that there are comic versions of Batman that are better (or even animated versions, which is also arguable) of the live action Batman movies, its hard to argue against Christopher Nolan's Batman as being the best.

  • Good, but not the best.

    Let me start off by saying that Christopher Nolan has made a good Batman that has a good touch of reality. But Batman is a comic book character and his comic book self can be so much more. He is easily the best out of all the real life portraits of Batman, but the movies leave out so much depth to the character, depth that just can't be explained in a two or three hour movies.

  • Christopher Nolan is the best Batman writer.

    Christopher Nolan has done the best job for the Batman movies. He Captures the story the closest to the comics and he is believable. Whereas I like the other writers and producers, they don't hold a candle to Christopher Nolan. He did an excellent job on the Dark Knight trilogy.

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