• Christopher Reeve was a legend.

    I personally enjoy all the Superman media, but Christopher Reeve's legendary performance still amazes me every single time I see one of the four original Superman films. His presence on the screen and his passion for the role made it hard to believe that Christopher Reeve was just an actor portraying Superman. In my mind, Christopher Reeve was indeed Superman. His Superman films were very amusing, funny, and emotional at some points.

    As all Superman fans know, Christopher Reeve also had an accident that changed his life forever. He was paralyzed for the end of his life. Even in a wheelchair, Christopher Reeve was Superman. I would like to actually take a moment to remember him. RIP Christopher Reeve.

  • No, he was good but not the original.

    Christopher Reeve was certainly a handsome and effective Superman. But no one can replace the man who played that part in the television show that began it all in the 1950's. That man made a very mild mannered Clark Kent, changed in a phone booth, and then became a very strong Superman.

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