Is Christophobia the cause of more global and cultural tragedies than Islamophobia?

  • Yes it is.

    Christophobia is the cause of more global and cultural issues than Islamphobia. I think that people are afraid of the nature because they are used to coming into contact with the type of people that do not care about whatever their beliefs are and try to shove their own down their throat.

  • Christophobia is New

    The history of Islam goes back historically much further than Christianity. Christianity is a religion, but Islam is a culture. Islam has a much more unique complicated background. Christophobia has arisen recently because of mostly American culture and missionaries. Islamophopia is linked to race, a place in the world, and a mindset imbedded at the very core of a culture.

  • No, Christophobia has not caused more tragedies than Islamophobia.

    I believe that Christophobia has influenced an equal number of tragedies. News reports of Ugandan laws with severe consequences for its gay citizens is evidence of Christophobic influences. Historical examples of U.S. slavery and its lingering effect is another example of Christophobia's impact.The root of both influences is intolerance. So, Christophobia and Islamaphobia have both caused tragedies.

  • Christophobia results in a few hundred murders per year

    Christophobia is not the cause of more global and cultural tragedies than Islamophobia. It would be hard to actually assess this because no data exists on the topic, but fear of Christianity likely influences less than a few hundred murders per average year. Although this number is inexcusable, the realities of religion and regimes still prevail.

  • There are problems both ways.

    No, Christophobia is not the cause of more global and cultural tragedies than Islamophobia, because both religions are persecuted for their faith. It is true that Christophobia results in several martyrs each day around the world, and much more violence. But there are those that just hurt others for no reason, or because of domestic violence.

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