• Yes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is real.

    However Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is NOT the same thing as "chronic fatigue " with which it is often confused and apparently also in the comments here. CFS also known as ME, Myalgic Encephalomylitis, is a very serious life long disease that can be very debilitating leaving many house or even bedbound for years and has nothing to do with depression, stress or fatigue. It is a disease of the neuroimmune system that affects many organ systems of the body. There is much misinformation about CFS/ME in part because the CDC gave it this very misleading name and they have refused to provide adequate research and funding. For more information see the work done by experts in the field such as Daniel Peterson, Jose Montoya, Chia, Enlander, Cheney, the Lights etc. Most Drs. Including psychiatrists know little or nothing at all about CFS/ME and cause much harm to patients by telling them that there is nothing wrong with them or especially telling them to exercise which only causes relapses. Indeed this post exertional relapse is a hallmark of the disease and patients overexerting can do serious harm to themselves. In contrast with depression when patients exercise they will feel better and lab results indicate these differences between the two groups.

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a disease with a diagnostic code

    Fatigue is a symptom. Fatigue is real and can be from anything. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a recognized disease. The US Centers for Disease Control says it is real (despite having a troubled past with the disease, for instance diverting research funds and lying to congress about it). The NICE guildelines say it is real. WHO gives it a code as well. It is agreed by CDC and various research that it is as disabling or more so than multiple sclerosis, heart failure, COPD, etc. Dr. Nancy Klimas, an AIDS and ME/CFS doctor, says her patients are as sick as late-stage AIDS patients, and she got involved with CFS because, as a psychoimmunologist, it was clear to her that this was not a psychogenic/behavioural disorder as some research claimed. It's a real disease and what's more it's immunological and neurological. But more research funding is desperately needed.

  • Yes, I think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is real.

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a real disease that can be diagnosed by your local doctor, it can be treated with therapy or possibly medication if the symptoms are strong enough, it is often a psychological disease and it can greatly effect some ones ability to function on a day to day basis.

  • Chronic Fatigue is very real

    Yes, I believe that chronic fatigue syndrome is very real. It may be caused by things that the individual can control, but so are a lot of 'syndromes.' It can be due to depression, vitamin deficiency, obesity, and many other things, but it is just being tired all the time. Why would it not be considered to be real?

  • Yes, it is.

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is definitely real. I do not think they understand what causes it exactly, or whether it is a multitude of things, but it definitely exists. There is medical and scientific literature for it, and there are treatments and medications for it. It is even discussed in books of psychiatry.

  • Yes chronic fatique syndrome is real

    There are people with narcolepsy, who fall asleep suddenly.There are people who are overactive. There can definitely be people that are always sluggish or tired. This could be a sign of depression or other mental illness. Additionally, it can be an issue with neurotransmitters in the brain improperly. There are many reasons one could be chronically fatigued and should be evaluated.

  • I used to think the way you do. Be careful to criticize.

    I raised 3 children on my own for the most part. I worked full time doing a very physical job (I won't use the company name ) delivery heavy packages running all day. Then, I can't give you a specific illness, but I remember feeling bad and going to the doctors. Several years of being diagnosed with stress. Depression ect I continued to get worse on their meds. That was when I was in my 50s... Then 2 of my grand children were diagnosed with different types of auto immune disease and I have since found other family members with auto immune. After research I understand that CFS is linked to auto immune.

  • Chronic Fatigue system is a new word for lazy.

    If I could sit around all day and nap, I certainly would. The idea that someone can just not find the energy to function normally needs to be woke up at 6am and ran for two miles. I'm not saying this because I think they should be punished. I'm saying this because the most important time to get an elevated heart rate is early in the morning. This gets the metabolism going all day. The person should also reduce the amount they eat per sitting.

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