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  • No

    Even thinking that is absurd. People have just run out of issues to discus and this has been widely blown out of proportion by both the media and different blogs and social networks with a lot of followers. Along with that comes a twisting of words, and with those words comes people that think they have double and triple meaning, and will not rest until they find something negative.

  • Not even.

    Chuck Hagel is not even remotely close to being anti-Israeli. The fact is that people just enjoy stirring up controversy to talk about, especially in that particular region of the world, with Israel and Palestine, Egypt, Syria, etc etc. It just keeps going on, the lone democratic pro-western Israel facing off against the hordes of uncultured Islamic dictatorships. While there are small truths in that, like anything, the majority of it is utterly false. It's sickening, what the media will do for a story.

  • Hagel is Not Anti-Israel

    Despite some recent reports suggesting that he is, Chuck Hagel is not Anti-Israel. Hagel has not made any statements that would suggest that he is. The notion of this is ridiculous and is just people attempting to stir up controversy. Hagel recently spoke out and dismissed the rumors and I believe what he said.

  • Not even close

    There have been plenty of rabbis coming out on his behalf and saying he isn't. The claim is a mix of "it's unacceptable to say Israel is wrong about anything ever" and "I don't care if he's a Republican, the president picked him so he's bad". He is not anti-Israel, he needs to be given a chance to handle his new job.

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