• Veteran Hagel

    I believe he is a man of peace. I also believe he is unafraid of war, but wise enough to ignore darting sparrows. Slow to anger is what our nation needs. Hot heads are dangerous. With his past military service he will be one not intimidated to cross the line.

  • Hagel: a solid choice

    Mr. Hagel is an excellent choice to lead the Pentagon. Given the recent scandals surrounding our military leaders, a man such as Hagel has great potential to restore our image with foreign powers. He has military experience and a clean record. While his lack of experience at the helm of a large organization might trouble some, I believe his patriotism and previous history with the United States military make him more than qualified.

    President Obama's selection of a Republican senator also has the potential to build bipartisanship in what is a very divisive time. While this is not my main reason for supporting Mr. Hagel, I believe it is nonetheless important.

  • Isolationism.

    I feel as though he favors a more isolated military approach that I personally prefer. As far as media presence goes he is fairly squeaky clean and the lack of corruption is nice to see in politics. It's important we back the people in charge until we have a reason not to.

  • Hagel is exactly who the Pentagon needs right now.

    Chuck Hagel is a great choice. Hagel is a patriotic conservative with first hand military experience. He believes America should put America's interests first and has therefore opposed unnecessary military interventions, occupations, and entanglements in other nation's conflicts. After America's disastrous meddling and nation building all over the world, it would be great to have someone who recognizes what the American military's primary focus should be: defending America.

  • No, Hagel is not the best choice

    It's clear why Obama might want to have him -- he is a somewhat anti-war Republican who offers a bit of cover for the President. However, his expressed sentiments suggesting a lack of support Israel are troubling. Furthermore, it is not clear that he would be willing to take a tough stance with Iran or other dangerous regimes. In these time, he is not the iron hand we need to put fear in the enemies of the US.

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