Is Church better than a bar for finding hook-ups?

Asked by: TheFurryOat
  • Hahahaha well it's what it's about

    I used to go to youth groups. It's just a mating session. The kids are encouraged to get married young and that church is the place, preferably their church (to perform marriages and get money out of it). More kids married at a young age, so that the church can get more tithes and more kids from the kids. It's the perfect place to go to find someone. They will try to marry you though. Hook-ups are not allowed or you'll get *gasp* church punishment. It's like the song Hotel California, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. ;) good luck, I don't go to church anymore. Why would I?

  • Ever been to a Catholic school?

    There is no group of young folks on Earth easier than a bunch of repressed Catholic kids- and this from someone who once attended Catholic school. They have so many rules and regulations laid on them with no rational reason for them- just a "don't do this or you'll burn in hell"- and thus they rebel.

  • Jesus Doth Twerketh Finely.

    It is my humble and derogatory belief that the woman and man that go to church have lower standards and that because of this they are "easier" to hook up with. In a bar, drinks are used to soften a potential boot cleaner, in a church, vague philosophy acts as the alcohol.

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