Is cigarette smoking the most important health hazard in America?

  • Yes, and fully preventable.

    Yes, cigarette smoking is the most important health hazard in America. It is also the easiest thing to prevent. The sad thing about cigarette smoking deaths is that they are completely preventable. Nobody makes a person smoke. It is the most important health hazard because the consequences are devastating and predictable.

  • Cigarette smoking and its hazards

    I do firmly believe that cigarette smoking is an important health hazard in America, if not the most important, among the ranks of risk factors such as obesity and others. The evidence that cigarette smoking can cause a whole litany of health problems (along with the associated costs to treat them) is clear and incontrovertible. Severely curtailing and regulating the consumption of tobacco is something that should become one of our priorities as a nation.

  • Cigarette smoking is the most important health hazard in America.

    Smoking is known to be a danger to human health. The use of tobacco and second hand smoke is the leading cause of lung cancer and other related diseases. Smoking poses one of the most serious dangers to health in America today. The government should work to ban smoking in the future.

  • There may be other important health hazards in America...

    We can't deny that there are other things that are still important health hazards in America. Obesity, Cell Phones, the impurities in the air we breathe are just a few things that certainly come up on the radar. However, if we remove the priority from cigarettes as a hazard we aren't just ignoring people who make the active decision to smoke. Every exhale of smoke can risk hurting others with the second hand smoke that others inhale. Smokers put those around them at risk with it's dangers. Because people are so over exposed to smoking as a negative trait and we are so intricately aware of what can happen to us it may seem like it is not as important a hazard but it still is a severe risk that should be noted.

  • Cigarette Smoking is Not the Most Important Health Hazard in America

    Though cigarette smoking is an important health hazard to America, there are others hazards moving to the top of the list. In this time people using cell phone whether it be to text or talk is becoming a very important health issue not only to the driver but also to those in vehicles surrounding the driver.

  • Other health hazards pose as much of it not more of a threat than cigarettes.

    Although it is very well known that cigarette smoking is not healthy and may lead to disease or even death, there are other health hazards in the United States that are just as important and dangerous as smoking. Obesity is a rising issue that also sometimes leads to serious health issues and even death. Alcohol is another health hazard that can cause long-term health problems as well as smog and pollution.

  • No, it is not.

    The most important health hazard in America is obesity. Smoking is near the top of the list but above obesity. America is fat. There are so many fat people pretending that big is beautiful. They are delusional. They are a heart attack waiting to happen. They also have diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • No. The Dangers of Cigarette Smoke Are Overblown.

    I think that our hearts were in the right place when we started telling our children that cigarette smoke will kill you, but it has resulted in a revulsion towards cigarette smoke in our culture that is unwarranted. Smoking cigarettes is bad for you, and it can bother people around you. I think it's right that smoking is banned in most public places, but the notion that you can get sick if someone is smoking a cigarette near you every once in a while is ridiculous. There are some people who live well into their 90's without ever quitting smoking, being around it sometimes is not going to do anything but annoy you. Smoking is a vice, it's not our government's job to legislate our vices. If someone wants to smoke a cigarette, as long as they're being courteous to others who don't smoke, let them have their cigarette.

  • No, Obesity is the Most Important Health Hazard

    Smoking is not the most important health hazard in America. Smoking is a problem and it does cause serious health problems that cost our country a lot of money. However, obesity is the most important health hazard we are facing as a country.
    Obesity affects about half the country including children. Obesity causes a variety of health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and much more. All of these health problems are very serious and cost the country a lot of money. Obesity is a much more serious problem than cigarette smoking.

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