Is citizen activism the best way to achieve social justice?

Asked by: phantom002
  • To some degree yes, just avoid the moral panic

    See, yes citizen activism is good, as long as you avoid the moral panic and hysteria. People create propaganda campaigns to advance their own agendas to create fear and anxiety. As long as people are anxious and fearful they can provoke bad decisions and enforce an agenda, propaganda and view point. People fall into their fears and make bad decisions out of anxiety. Moral panics and hysteria are the best way to dominate the argument and shut out someone you just don't like, not because they're bad, but rather because of emotional bs that serves no purpose other fulfilling one's own internal defective viewpoints. That's sad.

    Posted by: bk1
  • Citizen activism is about the only way to achieve social justice . . .

    Citizen activism is about the only way to achieve social justice and to perfect our troubled world. A society that doesn't bother to improve its problems will pretty much remain where it is with respect to its social problems. We can encounter this truism everywhere around the world.

    If you want life to be better for yourself, your fellow humans and your planet you had better engage your community and your country! Sitting quietly, afraid to speak out, will not improve the world!

  • Make the government aware of the consequences of their actions

    We as citizen of a country need to tell to government the effects of their policies on us. Because the government is of the people by the people and for the people we have equal right in protesting and expressing our views on various government decision. We need to make good use of the RTI act.

  • Citizen Activism and social justice are the two sides of the same coin

    Citizen Activism is indeed one of the best ways to achieve social justice. An educated and active society is a society which understands its rights and responsibility. A socially just society is one based upon the principles of equality and solidarity; which pedagogy also maintains that a socially just society both understands and values human rights, as well as recognizing the dignity of every human being . With the flaws in our education,political and justice system it is citizen activism that meets the requirements and helps in achieving social justice

  • Leaders and the People Must Be On the Same Page

    People need a leader to represent and rule them. If not, who decides what everybody else will do? If the leader is corrupt, the people must replace him or they will suffer. Additionally, if the people are corrupt, what can a leader achieve? They must both cooperate to alleviate suffering.

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