• Yes… Unfortunately We Are Facing a Breakdown in Civic Solidarity

    It seems we are living in an era when faced with situations in which one would think, or like to think, helping an individual would be one’s initial reaction ,instead it seems (generally) the initial response or thought is how one can benefit from or exploit others unfortunate situation or circumstance to gain some type of personal benefit or satisfaction. The breakdown of civil solidarity is at such a level that in some instances when an individual is facing life or death, other individuals find it most important to capture the moment (via camera or recorder) rather than take any steps to actually prevent or diffuse the situation , a definite nod to the breakdown in Civic Solidarity.

  • Civic Solidarity Is Broke Already

    Civic solidarity is not breaking down. That is because it is broke already, but I think it is a good thing. People living differently and having different opinions is good for society in my opinion. It encourages creativity. Due to this, I complete encourage this breakdown. Its pros outweigh the cons.

  • We're no longer melting

    We are quickly seeing whites break from blacks and immigrants break from natural born citizens. While there has always been a divide of some sort few immigrants come to America to become Americans they come for the money and when they have enough they go back home. Class based politics is also dividing the society in a negative way.

  • No, civic solidarity is alive and well

    Civic solidarity is the idea that a large group of people all think and believe the same way in our secular society. I can see why some people would believe that this solidarity is breaking down--just look at the petty arguments going on in our day to day life! However, the ability to have those arguments points towards our solidarity. We, as a society, are willing to allow and engage in arguments over whatever we wish. This solidarity comes into stark relief when there is a tragedy of some sort, or our society as a whole is threatened. Then we all band together against a common enemy. Once that enemy is neutralized, we go back to our normal bickering. How cohesive is that?

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