Is civil discourse in debates/discussions becoming less frequent?

Asked by: ZacGraphics
  • Yes, allow me to explain.

    When I say "civil discourse", I mean having a debate and/or discussion in which both sides are civilized and respectful of the opposing side. I've just noticed some people trash talking and just spewing unnessasary words of hate at their opponent. This is just for me to understand what you think on the matter. Thanks. :)

  • Not at all.

    "ad hominem" is still a widely used political strategy as it has always been. The only difference is that in latter days we have toned down the vegetable throwing and burning of mannequins that look like our political opponents in the street.

    I don't agree with ad hominem, which is to say an attack on someone's personal moral character and not the position they are maintaining, but it can never be eliminated completely until we can get to a place in society where all politics and legislation is governed purely by facts, and not emotions or opinions or morality. Which won't ever happen. Because we're humans. And humans feel.

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