• Yes, I think it is

    I suppose it is justified when the Democracy is a failed government, like ours. I know that civil injustice is going to spring up, when the system is failing. I know that when things are going bad, these things willl push people to be angry and disobedient, there is nothing they can do,but fix them.

  • The Will to Power

    Civil disobedience is a form of protest against unjustices, which can occur even in a democracy that tells its people that it is a free country. Those in power will always either make mistakes or actively take steps to curtail freedoms, and any form of protest is good for the health of democracy.

  • Not all the time, but on some occasions.

    A democracy in itself holds purpose to allow for flaws.In these potential flaws perfection can be potentially obtained.Civil disobedience is not always justified mainly due to the fact that the act of disobedience may or may not be thought as acceptable or justifiable.Differing actions allow for different circumstances.Those circumstances allow for different moral outcomes.Many times civil disobedience is just a plain disregard for the law and country that supports and creates those laws.However, sometimes civil disobedience in the pursuit of life, liberty or personal belief can be justified.It is my belief one should follow the lay, follow civil law to the fullest unless it goes against your core value system and you can provide evidence to justify that failure to follow in the Constitution.

  • No, Not Always

    Civil disobedience is defined as the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest. I do not believe civil disobedience is always justified just because a democracy exists. People sometimes use this term to justify the unlawful things they chose to do, not because they have a problem with the government, but because they are simply greedy.

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