Is civil unrest in the U.S. getting to the point that we should be concerned about rioting?

  • Many people feel they are not being listened to.

    I think the possibility of rioting should always be a concern in society. People who share a grievance tend to group together, and when they feel their grievance is not being taken seriously, that sometimes leads to them taking violent action. I think many groups increasingly feel in this position, and unless something changes, there may be riots.

  • Yes We Should

    I believe civil unrest in the United States is getting to the point that we should be concerned about rioting. I believe there are a lot of injustices within the United States and a lot of repressed, unhappy citizens. When this is the case there is always the possibility of violence.

  • No, but that is always a concern.

    I do not think we will have rioting like we see all the time in the Middle East, Africa, and now Kiev in Ukraine. But it is possible that one day that will, happen, and we should not be surprised at all because the world is turning towards what they want.

  • No, I don't believe that civil unrest in the US is getting to the point that we should be concerend about rioting.

    I believe that while many people are unsatisfied with the Government there is not enough cause for rioting to occur yet, I think that will only happen when the Governments starts to crack down on the citizens in unfair ways or imposing severe limits and restrictions on government benefits to citizens.

  • No, it isn't.

    Americans, in general, are a very laid back bunch of people who just want to hang out after work, have some good food, drink a couple of beers and chill out. We work a lot. There really isn't much civil unrest here. That is largely exaggerated and put forth by the fear mongering media.

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