Is "Clarence" an appropriate TV show for children?

Asked by: myk97
  • It is not like Family Guy or Mr.Pickles

    We all know that clarence is an appropriate show for kids because it does not use strong language which is a good thing and clarence has a normal childhood and a normal family just like every other child in this world and he shows how nice he is and how he respects his friends like sumo and jeff and this is my reason why i am saying that clarence is an appropriate tv show for kids.

  • Children shouldn't be so sheltered

    It's a clever show with both silly humor and intelligent jokes. The characters to bad things sometimes, but not inappropriate things and they're not psychopathic. The show is very original as well along with real-to-life. Part of the controversy is over the fact that the show has had gay characters, Cartoon Network has had gay characters in their shows for several years before Clarence came out but just not openly or obviously gay. This isn't Russia or the 1950's, children can't be sheltered from the fact that gay people exist, and seeing a gay couple isn't going to make them all gay overnight or want to be gay.

  • It isn't like the Simpsons or Futurama

    Futurama is definitely for older kids and adults. Clarence reminds me a lot of Futurama except without the sex scenes. Yes Clarence is definitely appropriate for kids as being rated TVPG not TV14 like Futurama. TV14 shows are for young adults not kids under fourteen. So yes Clarence, Teen Titans Go, Gumball and Steven Universe are all age appropriate for tweens.

  • No, just no...

    I'm a 12 year old kid, my little brother and my cousin watches this show.
    I don't know if clarence was really supposed to be a kid's show...
    It contains hidden dirty jokes, i just took a peek and i saw the character named ''sumo'' kissing the other kid lip to lip. Clarence and his friends don't really care on what happens at their surroundings. I told my bro and my cousin that they should stop watching that show 'cause it has the PG rate, but they just told that clarence is ''funny'' seriously, ''kid shows'' today are so inappropriate.

  • One of the most realistic TV shows I've seen for kids.

    Really, as the header states, I've never seen a cartoon this down to Earth for the average American in the 2010's. A single mother with a nice boyfriend and a humble job, a plump kid who actually acts like a kid, and the shenanigans they get into are relatable to kids and adults. Clarence is a sweet kid who doesn't let bad things get to him, and his friends treat him well too. They remind me a lot of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, except they set a much better example for kids as there isn't much scheming and adults play an equal role in the show.

  • Not a chance

    I've been babysitting my 6 & 10 year old neighbors this summer and their favorite thing to do is watch Clarence. If I suggest a different show, they start screaming and crying for Clarence...And really the way this show has them mesmerized when they watch it creeps me out. There's no moral to the show; no "lesson learned". The show mainly stars three best friends who often get in to trouble (because they intentionally go looking for it) and go on adventures. The theme song features some kids singing "I don't care what you say; I'll do what I want all day; I'm king of the world". There's so much adult content, though, it sickens me. Clarence, the main character of the show, lives with his mother....And his mother's boyfriend, who's portrayed as an unemployed idiot. I'm pretty sure another main character is being raised by a lesbian couple. There are "subtle" adult jokes and Clarence and his friends often get stuck in adult situations with local adults, but the child - audience is completely unaware. In short, it's my opinion that no person, child or adult, should have anything to do with "Clarence". Period.

  • Really,Really Bad Show

    Clarence is a show about a kid who has no moral judgement, does not know right or wrong, Is irresponsible, and has mental issues. The other characters are okay, Jeff is tidy while sumo has responsibility,Mary is optimistic and has a not-so loose handle on Clarence, and Chad is pretty caring when it comes to him.

    The real plague is the main character Clarence, he encompasses the immoral judgement a kid should never have. Do we really want a show where children want to grow up stealing items and being irresponsible with their money?

  • Idiots Guide to Cartoons

    There is no debate that this is targeted towards kids. The question of appropriateness isn't about age it's about content. This is yet another dumbing down of our children by getting them hooked on a show of idiots which is nothing to look up to or inspire from. He and his friends are all of low cognitive function, poor language, and no aspiration. At least Spongebob is "loony tunes"-esque. Not attempting to reflect reality. Only thing worse may be Uncle Grandpa. Don't get me started on that crap... Who approved these shows???

  • Your Wrong Sir

    I'm afraid you couldn't be more wrong. If children don't understand it whats the harm? Maybe there is no moral but how would you like to stare at a tv and watch a cartoon that ends with "So kids you should always do whats right and remember to respect you parents!" So there you go.

  • Clarence for children.

    We all know that still movies are not good for children and cartoons like Clarence should be stopped. Parents should watch this cartoon and then decide that it is good or not.In small age children should be taught moral values but this is totally different. This cartoon should be stopped.

  • Worst Show I've ever seen

    Not appropriate for kids. There are no morals except for doing idiotic things. Is this show teaching kids to bury $20 bills? I already caught my older brother participating in the schemes outlined in this show, He is not the typical older brother. He's pretty much a clone of Clarence.

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Khaos_Mage says2015-08-05T03:57:22.843
Clarence is one of the best shows on television right now (of course, I don't have much time to watch TV, but it is a show I watch when it is on if I can). Everyone should watch the episode where he works with his mom for the summer to see just how awful some people treat employees in the service industry. The show reminds me of my childhood, and it is just kids being kids, and very realistically so.